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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings


Makin’s Clay® - Grape Leaf 
Texture Sheet Set D - Woodgrain
Clay Roller 
Christmas Clay Cutter Set 
Makin’s Professional - Professional Clay Tools 
DecoArt® Dazzling Metallics™ - 
Judikins™ Diamond Glaze™
ART Instittue Glitter - Egyptian Gold 
Gold jump rings (8 medium, 2 large), gold chain, gold earring wires
Jewelry pliers 


Roll grape leaf green clay to a little more than 1/8” thick.  

Place Woodgrain texture sheet over the rolled clay and press to transfer texture. 


Use Christmas Tree clay cutter from Christmas set to cut out two trees from textured clay. 

Use cutting wheel to cut each tree into 3 sections (as equal in width as possible). 

Use clay tool to make a small hole in the top center of the bottom third of the tree, two holes  as shown in the center of the tree, and one in the bottom center of the top of the tree.   

Let dry 24 hours. 

Use toothpick to make small dot “ornaments” with red Dazzling Metallics paint.  Let dry. 

Use toothpick to add small “garland” lines on tree with Diamond Glaze.  While glaze is still wet, dip into gold ART Glitter.  Let dry thoroughly. 

Use dry paintbrush to brush away any excess glitter. 

Apply a coat of Diamond Glaze over entire surface of trees.  Let dry, then coat sides and back of trees.  Let dry. 

Add gold jump rings to re-connect each section of the tree.   Add earring wires. 

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