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Makin’s® Products

Makin's Clay® comes in a wide variety of shades and packaging sizes.   View the colors here.
  • 9 Basic Colors (Natural, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Terra Cotta)
  • 4 Neon Colors (Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green), and 1 Glow in the Dark
  • Vineyard Tones (Natural, Brown, Grape Leaf, Concord Blue, Merlot, Plum Wine)
  • Earth Tones (Peach, Olive, Straw, Persimmon, Light Adobe, Adobe Brown) 
  • Multi-Color & Multi-Neon
Makin's Clay® comes several package size options - 60g, 120g, 500g, or 5lb buckets of individually wrapped packages of white or Basic primary colors.  There are multi-packs, or individual color packs.  Makin's Clay® offers a wide variety of colors which can be blended or mixed with paints to create totally new shades. 

The tools and accessories options offered by Makin's Brand® are extensive:

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