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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pumpkin Tassels

Pumpkin Tassels by Patricia Roberts-Thompson

How about making some fun home decor tassels for Halloween with Makin’s Clay®?

Makin’s Clay® White 60g, small amount of Olive and Black clay
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®  
20 gauge Copper wire
Copper chain, endcaps and beads 
Wet wipes 
Jump rings
Yarn for the tassel, premade tassel
White Glue
DecoArt acrylic paints: Pumpkin, Golden Brown, black,   
Scissors, needle tool, paintbrush. 
Knitting needles, ball tool
Americana DuraCoat Matte Varnish or Golden Matte varnish


Add some Pumpkin orange paint to 60 grams of white Makin’s Clay®.  I also added a bit of a yellow brown to tone down the colour to a more earthy hue. Alternately you could use Persimmon found in the Makin’s Clay® Earth Tones 32045. Divide the clay into three balls approximately 1 and ½ inches in diameter. Wrap two of the balls of clay in plastic as you proceed with the first tassel.

Yarn Pumpkin Tassel:  

I had some nice flat acrylic yarn to use for my tassel; embroidery floss works great as well! I wrapped the yarn around a 4x6 index card about 30 times.  I used a 6 inch piece of 20 gauge copper wire, curved one end, and slipped it between the yarns at the top, while still on the card, and made a wrapped loop. Cut a 8” piece of yarn, slip the tassel off of the card, and use the piece of yarn to tie around the top. Trim the bottom of the tassel with scissors.

Roll the clay into a ball, then using a very large knitting needle or the handle of a large paintbrush, make a hole through the clay large enough for the tassel to fit. It helps to coat the needle or brush with cornstarch as you make the hole. This will prevent sticking. While the clay is on the needle holder, use a smaller needle tool to make indentations all around. In the first photo, you will see the cornstarch I used as I made my indents. Let the ball of clay dry for 24 hours before proceeding to the next step. Clean off the cornstarch when dry.  The next day I cut a 24 inch piece of yarn, to which I tied a scrap piece of wire on one end. Put the other end through the hole, coat the hole with white glue, then wrap the yarn by inserting the wired end through and around. Keep wrapping until you’ve gone all the way around, and then cut off your ends. Insert the tassel from the bottom.  Next, I made a cap for the tassel with a small bit of Olive Makin’s Clay®. I rolled the clay into a ½” ball, flattened it out into a disk and then pinched and fluted the ends making it a wavy disk. Poke a hole in the center, place it on the pumpkin with the copper wire centered in the hole. I used a flower shaped endcap and a copper ball on top of the clay cap. Let this dry for another 24 hours before finishing a wrapped loop on top. Add a string or chain loop to hang the tassel from. 

Jack-o-Lantern Tassel:  

Make a 1 and ½” ball of clay. Make a face with a small knitting needle on one side. I used a ball tool to make the eyes, and inserted small balls of black clay, bit since it will be antiqued later, you could omit this step. For the mouth, I did a simple zigzag.  Use a needle tool to poke a hole right through the pumpkin, then use a brush handle or large knitting needle to enlarge the hole on the bottom. Be sure to use cornstarch to prevent sticking. This hole needs to be large enough to insert your tassel. Again, make lines around the pumpkin, avoiding the face area. Make four or five small leaves with Olive Makin’s Clay® for the cap, texture them with a needle tool, and place them all around the top of the pumpkin, keeping the hole in the center clear. Let the pumpkin dry for 24 hours, and then antique it with black paint. Use a wet wipe to remove the excess paint.  I tied a loop of yarn on the premade tassel, and inserted it from the bottom. A piece of wire catching the top of the yarn loop aids in this process. Add a bit of glue in the hole at the bottom to hold the tassel in place.

Ball Chain Pumpkin Tassel:  

Make a 1 and ½” ball of clay, poke a small hole through the center and make indentations with a small knitting needle all around the circumference of the pumpkin. Cut pieces of ball chain and place in the grooves, adding a bit of white glue to help hold them in place. If you don’t have ball chain, regular chain that you use for the tassel will work! Let the pumpkin cure for 24 hours, then antique it with black paint. Use wet-wipes to remove excess paint. This tassel was made with 2 inch sections of copper chain. Hint; place the chain on a long headpin to help you cut each piece to the same length.  12 to 15 pieces of chain will give a full looking tassel. Open a 10mm jump ring and place as many pieces as you like, then close the jump ring. Cut a 6 inch piece of 20 gauge copper wire and make a small loop on one end. Then thread on a copper bead, a small copper endcap, the clay pumpkin and lastly a larger copper endcap and bead, and make a wrapped loop at the top. Open the jump ring and place it on the bottom loop, and add a piece of chain for the top loop. I used 5mm jump rings to close the top loop chain.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Halloween Pencil Toppers - DIY Video

Cindi McGee shares how easy it is to make fun pencil toppers for Halloween with Makin's Clay® and our Makin's® Clay Cutters!  There's even GLOW IN THE DARK clay as an option! 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rock Fairy House

Rock the House by Patricia Krauchune
I just love little cottages and stone houses. This rock house was made from a rock I found maybe 20 to 25 years ago and was just sitting in my cellar collecting dust. I saw two little elves in my courtyard one day...they were homeless! So here is their new digs! Rock on boys. 

Supply List: 

Makin's Clay® Black                    Small Pins                                    Krazy® Glue
Black Gesso                                  Oval Cutter                                   Beacons™ Tacky Glue
Rock:  size and shape you like     Glass Button                                 Golden Gloss Polymer Varnish
Glove with texture                        Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Wax    Delta Creamcoat® Yellow Paint
2  Gears                                         Screw                                           Art C® Wax:  Copper/Gold/Silver

Recommended Makin's® Tools: 

Makin's® Push Mold - Leaves              Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®


I painted a rock I have had for years with Black Gesso.  Set aside to dry.

Roll out some Black Makin's Clay® on the #3 setting of the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®.  Completely cover the rock with the black clay.  I had a garden glove with great texture so I cut off a finger of the glove and used it to texture the entire surface.

Let it dry overnight. 

Using the "Leaves" Makin's® Push Mold, I made 8 leaves to use for shingles on my rock house.  When dry, I colored each leaf with Cosmic Shimmer Chic Moss Gilding Wax. Put these aside to dry. 

With some black clay rolled out on the #1 setting of the clay machine, cut 2 circles a tad larger than the gears you will be using. I secured the gears to the clay circles with some small pins then attached the "windows" to each side of the rock house. A smear of Beacons™ Tacky Glue will help with adhesion. 

Using an oval cutter, cut out a "door" for the rock house.  I scored some vertical lines on the door to give the illusion of planks. 

Next I used Krazy® Glue to attach a glass button for a window and a small screw was glued on for a door knob. 

Attach the door to the front of the rock house with Beacons™ Tacky Glue. 

At this point, I attached the leaves, using Krazy® Glue, in a pattern that pleased me. I cut some of the leaves to fill in gaps. 

The spaces in the gears were painted with yellow paint.  Then use the Gilding Wax colors that you like to finish the rock surface.

Here's your finished rock house!  See, you can Rock the House with Makin's Clay®!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Mixed-Media Sewing Box

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with my newest project using an assortment of Makin's Clay® products.

Makin's Clay® - White
Imagine Craft's Ink - VersaFine Clair Nocturne
​ Black Gesso
​ Molding Paste
​ Prima Molds
​ Prima Marketing Metallique Paints
​ The Crafter's Workshop Stencil
​ Whisker Graphics Twine


​ I started by painting a wood box with black gesso.

Next, I used molding paste with a brick stencil randomly around the box.

Once dry, I painted the box with Prima paints, spritzing with water so the colors would run.

Using the Michelangelo stamp from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps, I inked with black ink then randomly stamped it about the box.

Wings and locks were created from white Makin's Clay® using Prima molds.

To smooth out the clay pieces, I used the clay roller over the molded pieces, then used the clay tool to cut away the excess clay.

I painted assorted chipboard elements, the clay wings and the clay lock with Prima Metallique paints.

Assemble the chipboard pieces on the box, wrapping the spools with Whisker Graphics Twine.  Adhere the scissors across the top of the spools and glue everything in place.  Place the wings under the dress form, adding a button on top.

​To finish, I added a lock to the side of the box.

​The box is a perfect size to store an assortment of sewing supplies.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Artist Trading Coins

The newest trend in artist trading is Artist Trading Coins!  Cindi McGee has been busy creating several of these coins for a special project.   She has found many of her Makin's Professional® and Makin's® tools instrumental in creating many of her coins.  She used the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder®, Makin's Professional® Professional Clay Tools, and Makin's® Honey Comb Texture Sheet in creating the above projects.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Foiled Earrings

Design Team member Bea Grob has been busy creating fabulous jewelry with Makin's Clay® and metallic foils again!   Find out more about how she created these here on her blog. 

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