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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Blossom Magnet

·     Makin’s Clay®  60G Black 
·     A 2.5-inch circle cutter
·     Makin’s® Cutter Set, Flowers
·     Makin’s® clay roller
·     2 sets of 5 playing cards glued together, or the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® 
·     Quick drying Tacky Glue 
·     Soft artist’s brush
·     A craft knife
·     Makin’s® Texture Sheet of your choice
·     Folk Art Color Shift Paint Acrylic Paint 5129E Green Flash by Plaid®
·     Folk Art Color Shift Paint Acrylic Paint 5195 Yellow Flash by Plaid®
·     Folk Art Color Shift Paint Acrylic Paint 5132E Purple Flash by Plaid®
·     Folk Art Acrylic Paint 2966 Bright Gold by Plaid®
·     UV Resin
·     UV light source to cure resin
·     Ceramic magnet
·     Small flat back cabochons or rhinestones


Step 1:

If you are using the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®,roll the black clay out at setting 3.  I used playing cards as a guide. I placed 5 playing cards glued together on either side of my clay.  Then I rolled the Makin’s ® Black clay with my acrylic roller until the thickness of the clay matched the thickness of the playing cards. 

Step 2:

Spray a texture sheet of your choice with a little water.  Place the sheet on the clay, then roll with the acrylic roller to impress the clay with texture. 

Step 3:

Use the flower cutter to cut 7 blossoms from the textured clay.  Allow the blossoms to fully dry.

Step 4:

Once the blossoms are dry paint them with the gold paint.  Only one coat is needed.  Allow the paint to dry.

Step 5:

Paint the blossoms with purple flash, then allow to dry. 

Step 6:

Brush lightly with yellow and green flash.

Step 7:

Apply UV resin.

Step 8:

Use a toothpick to pull the resin to the edge of the blossoms, then cure.

Step 9:

Cut a 2.5 inch circle.

Step 10:

Apply glue to blossom.

Step 11:

Place the first blossom in the center of the 2.5 inch circle.

Step 12:

Arrange and glue the rest of the blossoms around the center blossom.

Step 13:

Use a craft knife to trim the clay from the outside of the blossoms.

Step 14:

Glue cabochons to the center of each blossom.

Step 15:

Apply glue to the magnet.   

Step 16:

Glue magnet to back of blossoms.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Daisy Mug

Design Team Member Natalja Ivankova recently shared this great example of how the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® can be used to create delicate 
flower stems from polymer clay. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

"Connected" Steampunk Heart Pendant

"Connected"  Steampunk Heart Pendant by Patricia Krauchune


1" screw 
1/4" small screw
2 gears 
Small piece of copper wire
1" piece of chain 
Stack of three gears
2 eyelets 
Small piece of ball chain 
Art -C wax in gold, silver, copper


Free form a heart shape from a 1" ball of black Makin's Clay®.

Make a diagonal cut through the heart.

Using the 1" screw, insert the screw through the top of the heart into the bottom piece.

Add a gear at the top part of the heart where the two pieces come together.  Another gear is inserted at the other end of the "seam" but inserted between the two pieces.

Make 2  "U" shapes from the copper wire and use them as "staples" to keep the two halves together.  A small screw was added to the top right side of the heart.  A small 1" piece of chain was attached to the right side uses 2 small copper "U" shapes.

I added a small stack of three gears, and a couple of eyelets with a small piece of ball chain inserted into each eyelet.  I textured the piece using a shell from a black walnut.

After letting the heart dry over night, I finished the piece by coloring it with Art-C wax in silver, copper, and gold.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Altered Jar

Hi everyone, Steph here today with another altered jar.  I must say I have been having so much fun altering jars and Makin's ClayⓇ is a fantastic medium to use on jars to create amazing projects.

Do you keep secrets?  Do you write them down?  Where do you put them?  Instead of putting them in a box or an envelope, why not put them in a special secret jar?


Makin's ClayⓇ - Brown
​Imagine Crafts Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Spray - Posie, Bamboo Leaves
​The Crafter's Workshop Stencil
​Prima Metallique Paints, Art Stones
​Graphic 45 Key
Any size/type of jar

Use brown clay (or any color of choice) and form it around the jar.  Use your fingers to move the clay around the jar until the clay meets.  Fresh clay will adhere to the glass as well as itself  so no adhesive will be necessary to seal the edges.  Your fingers will leave indentations in the clay and that just adds to the texture around the jar.

​Use a Crafter's Workshop stencil with molding paste randomly around the jar.  Let it dry completely.

Add color with a variety of Prima Metallique paints.

Continue adding color until you are satisfied with the results.  Allowing the colors to blend creates some amazing colors on the clay.

​ Spritz the jar with Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Spray in Posie and Bamboo Leaves.

​Spritz a piece of mesh with Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Spray in Bamboo Leaves and then glue it around the jar.

​Once dry, start adding a variety of elements.  I attached a key engraved with "Secrets" and assorted sized art stones along the mesh.​

​Finally, I glue additional mesh around the neck of the jar.  This hides any imperfections at the top of the jar as well as gives it a nice finished look.

​ What do you think?

​ Thanks for stopping by.


Bohemian Flower Polymer Clay Veneer

Cindi McGee recently shared this polymer clay veneer she created using a variety of materials, including Makin's® Floral Push Mold.

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