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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring Daisy Pendant

Spring Daisy Pendant by Cindi McGee
This quick & easy Spring Daisy Pendant would be a great project for any age group and would be fun for a summer camp workshop.  Switch up the colors and you could simulate many kinds of flowers with similar petals - purple Echinacea Cone Flowers, Brown Eyed Susans, or fantasy flowers in unexpected colors. 


Makin’s Clay® - Multi-Pack of Primary Colors 
  • Clay Cutter Set - Round
  • Clay Tool Set 
  • Roller & Cutter Set 
Makin’s Professional®
  • Cutting Mat
  • Ultimate Clay Extruder® - Disc #3 or #7
White satin cording 
JudiKins Diamond Glaze™
Fine paintbrush 


Mix the entire package of blue Makin’s Clay® from the multi-pack, with about a 1” ball of white to create a slightly lighter shade of blue for the background.  

Roll to about 1/4” thick and cut with 40mm Round Clay Cutter. (Tip:  place plastic over the clay to be cut and it will give you rounded edges.)

Insert remainder of white clay into the Ultimate Clay Extruder®.  Using disc #7 or #3 (holes are the same size), extrude white clay. 

Cut into equal pieces about 1” long.  

Roll each piece into a ball, then form an elongated “teardrop” shape. 

Begin placing the teardrops onto the blue background.  The goal is to create the petals of the flower, leaving an opening for the center.  Use the tip of the clay tool to impress a line from the pointed end of each petal and ending just before the outside end of the petal themselves. 

Roll a ball of yellow clay about 1/2”.  Place onto the center of the flower and press gently to flatten slightly.  You still want it to be raised up from the petals.  

Use pointed end of tool to create tiny pinpoint impressions all over the surface of the yellow clay to mimic the texture of actual daisy centers. 

Use tool to create small hole for the satin cording at the top of the pendant between two of the petals. 

Use side of tool to gently impress a pattern around the outer edge of the blue clay. 

Let dry 24 hours. 

Apply Diamond Glaze to the front of the pendant. Let dry, apply on the reverse side and let dry. 

Add white satin cording and a slip knot closure, or add a metal closure.

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