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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Seashell Magic

Sea Shell Magic by Sherri Welser 
I love the ocean and collecting sea shells so when I found out Makin's Clay® had a push mold that was sea shells and a starfish,  I just had to create something with it!


Makin's Clay® - White, Earth Tones 
  • Push Mold - Sea Shells
  • Clay Tools - Roller
Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat
Mermaid rubber stamp 
Mason jar
Rust paste paint
Raw umber paint
Weld Bond Adhesive
Gold Glitter Glue
Needle tool or craft knife
Optional:  Metal "Believe" charm


Start by adding several of the Earth Tone clay shades together to incorporate the colors for a more realistic appearance.  (But don't over mix.) 

Take small amounts of the clay and use the push mold to make shells.  Make one 1" ball to sit on top of the lid and support the starfish.

Trim any excess clay around the molded images with a needle tool or craft knife (or with scissors when the clay is fresh or after it has dried). 

Optional:  mount a metal "Believe" charm to the center of the starfish.


Roll out white clay to about 1/4".  Roll enough to fit the mermaid stamp, with some extra on all sides. 

Stamp to make an impression (un-inked). 

Gently pull away the excess clay from around the mermaid image.

Let dry 24 hours. 

Apply rust paste paint to all elements.  Let dry.

Use the raw umber paint to apply a thin coat to the clay pieces and then rub off the excess with a paper towel.  This will add depth and highlight the details of the shells and the stamped image.  Let dry.

Add some touches of gold glitter glue for a little added sparkle.

Use Weld Bond Adhesive to mount then clay ball to the center of the lid, then mount the starfish on top.  

Mount the remaining shells around the starfish on the lid.


Glue the mermaid to the front of the jar.  

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