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Friday, July 14, 2017

Fossilized Sea Bed Passport Book Cover

Fossilized Sea Bed Passport Book Cover by Patricia Roberts-Thompson


Makin’sClay® White 30g, Black 30g
Makin’s® Push Mold Sea Shell
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®, or clay roller.
Blade and texture tools (toothpicks, ball tool, coarse sponge or sandpaper, toothbrush, etc.)      
FolkArt acrylic paints : Metallic Sequin Black, Gunmetal Gray, Asphaltum, Brushed Pale Silver
Americana DuraCoat Matte Varnish
Small Hardcover Password book (mine measured 3”x 4 ¼” )
Weldbond Glue


Step 1: 

Mix approximately 30 grams of white and 30 grams of Black Makin’s Clay® to make a medium gray.  Use a small amount of the gray clay in the Sea Shell push mold to make a small shell and parts of two other shells.  Tip:  Dust the Sea Shell push mold with cornstarch if your molded items are sticking.   Remove the shells and set aside to begin drying.

Store any remaining clay in a zip-lock bag with a baby wipe until you are ready for step 2.

Step 2: 

Roll the gray clay with your Ultimate Clay Machine®, or by hand, to a thickness of 3mm. Using the “wrong “side of the Sea Shell push mold (dust with cornstarch first if clay is sticking), press the shells that you like into the rolled clay. I used the starfish, the long shell, the clam shell, and the smallest shell to make fossil-like impressions in the clay. I used coarse aquarium filter sponge to add texture to the clay, then added my molded shells with a little water (you could use a bit of glue also ). I pressed them in firmly, so they looked like they were embedded in stone. Finally I used a toothpick
and small ball tool to add more texture to the areas surrounding the shells.  Any areas that were impressed too deeply, I added a bit of extra clay and smoothed it out with the ball tool.

Step 3: 

Trim the clay to the size of your book, allowing for a small amount of shrinkage.  I lost approximately 1/16” all around my project after it was completely dried. If you trim the clay slightly larger than the book, you could get a better fit. I didn’t mind a bit of the cover showing in my project. Let the clay dry overnight or for 24 hours to be thoroughly dry.

Step 4: 

I painted the Metallic Sequin Black all over the clay and wiped it back with a paper towel
(antiquing). Then I added a small dab of the Asphaltum (brown) and Gunmetal gray paint with a paintbrush. Finally, I added the Pale Silver for hints of a silvery stone look. When it dried I sealed it with DuraCoat Americana Matte Varnish.

When the sealer was dry, I glued the clay to my little Password Book with Weldbond Glue. 

This was a fun, easy project that I really enjoyed, and I hope you do too!!
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