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Friday, May 31, 2019

Choose Joy Journal

Choose Joy Journal by Nancy Nickel

Materials Used:

Makin's® Push Mold - Florals 39005
Art Alchemy Metallique Paints - Lime Peel, Light Patina, Vintage Rose
Unknown Silver Wax
Tacky Glue
Finished Journal


1. Gather all your materials. Two molds are shown but I only used the Florals mold for this project.

2. Take small pieces of the white clay. Roll the clay in your hands to form nice smooth balls.

3. Place the ball in the center of the flower shape. Push firmly with the ball of your finger until the flower shape is full, and flat and smooth on the back. This ensures there will be no gaps.

4. Flex the mold to pop the flowers out. Allow to dry.

5. When completely dry, paint with desired colors of paint. These Metallique paints leave a pretty shimmer, and a soft color. Allow to dry.

6. Use the tacky glue to adhere them in place on the finished journal front. 

7. Since they were added on top of a silver ribbon, I decided to add a touch of silver was. did this using my finger tool, and dabbing the silver onto the high spots of the flowers.

8. Don't forget to make extra flowers to embellish the inside of the journal too. Shown here is an additional tag embellishment.

Here's a closer look at the flowers on the journal. 

They work very well for this project, as they add additional texture and dimension, without adding a lot of extra bulk.

Here is a closer look at the pretty flower on the top of the tag.

I hope you'll consider the great Makin's Clay® molds for your next paper crafting projects!

There's a wonderful selection to choose from. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon!


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