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Friday, November 2, 2018

Poinsettia Vintage Metal Effect Pendant

Vintage Metal Effect Poinsettia Pendant by Cindi McGee
The aged, vintage metal effect on this poinsettia pendant gives it a feeling of days gone by - a relic from a past holiday in the "old days".  It looks as though it could have been dug up from an old west town or a "little house on the prairie".....  


Makin's Clay® - Light Adobe (other colors can be substituted, I just prefer to work with a base color that is as similar to my paint color as possible)

Makin's Professional®
  • Cutting Mat 
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Round Clay Cutter 4 Piece Set 
  • Christmas Nature Push Mold 
  • Brass Metal Paint
  • Darkening Patina 
  • Blood Red Dye Oxide
  • Spruce Dye Oxide 
  • Sun Yellow Dye Oxide
Gold satin cording 
Plastic wrap
Craft knife


Roll clay in Ultimate Clay Machine® starting on setting #1 and ending on setting #2.

Place plastic wrap over clay sheet, use  ______mm round clay cutter to cut disc from clay.

Use Christmas Nature push mold to make large poinsettia.

Make two additional poinsettias.  Use craft knife to cut some of the individual petals free from the flowers.

Fresh clay will stick to fresh clay without additional adhesive, if necessary you can dampen the clay slightly to help with adhesion while clay is fresh.  Arrange the petals you cut from the flowers as desired on the outer edge of the disc.  These will be the leaves of your poinsettia.

Add the complete flower to the center, overlapping the leaves.

Make a small hole at then top of the disc for the cording.

Let dry 24 hours.

Paint entire piece, front and back, with brass metal paint.  Let dry.  Apply second coat.  Let dry.

Apply third coat, and while paint is still wet, sponge on some
darkening patina.   Let dry.  The aging effect will begin almost immediately and continue to progress over night.
Apply a small amount of red dye oxide to the flower, spruce to the leaves, and yellow to the center of
the flower.  Let dry.

When dry, use fingertip to apply very light highlights of brass metal paint to enhance details. 

Coat entire piece with Swellegant sealant.  Let dry.

Add jump rings, chain and closure

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