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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Housewarming Gift Basket

Housewarming Gift Basket by Steph Ackerman
Do you know someone who has just purchased a new home?  Why not put together a gift basket with assorted goodies the new homeowner will enjoy.  Steph here to show you how I decorated a plain wood basket with Makin's Clay®.


Makin's Clay® - Straw, White, Red, Green
Makin's ProfessionalⓇ Cutting Mat
Makin'sⓇ Push Mold - Leaves
Makin'sⓇ Clay Tool Set
Beacon Adhesives - 3-in-1
Imagine Shimmer Craft Spray-Frost


Since I had some opened clay, I decided to created a variety of colored leaves. I kept some leaves a solid color, then mixed clays to achieve a variety of colors.

Using the Leaves Push Mold, I created quite a few leaves.  While still damp, the leaves are easy to handle and I used the Rasp tool from the Clay Tool Set to cut away any undesirable edges.

Once the leaves were ready, I spritzed them with Imagine Shimmer Craft Spray to give them a little bling. 

Next, I arranged the leaves in a pattern on the basket and glued them in place with Beacon Adhesives.

I filled the basket with all kinds of goodies from sauces to coffee to candies and cookies.

What do you think?

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