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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Flower Tile Wall Hanging

Flower Tile Wall Hanging by Iris Rodriguez
Hello Makers!
Accent your home with this cute flower tile wall hanging. I like the Makin's®Water Drop clay cutters; you can make a rainy, water theme project, or make use of the shape for other themed projects. For instance, I used it to make flower petals on this project. Additionally, I used Makin's ® Texture Sheet from Set H (Connectors) on the substrate and the Leaves Push mold. Check out this tutorial and hopefully you will give it a try.

Makin's Clay®– White  
Makin's Professional® 
  • Cutting Mat
  • Ultimate Clay Machine® 
  • Texture Sheet, Set H (Connectors)
  • Water Drops Clay Cutters
  • Leaves Push Mold
DecoArt® Americana Acrylic Paint – Avocado, Pistachio Mint, Hauser Light, Purple Rain
Aleene's® Clear Drying Glue


Using Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®, roll out a sheet of White Makin’s Clay® to the third thickest setting (begin on setting #1, then #2, and end on #3).

Using smallest cutter in Water Drops cutters set, cut out 8 water drop shapes. Cut out 4 water drop pieces using largest cutter from the set.
Slightly bend the center on the small water drop shapes.
Add Alene’s clear glue to the ends and glue the petals together.

Once the smaller petals are glued together, glue the largest petals behind it.

To make the center, make a circle shape or use a circle cutter. Add texture with the opening of a pen.

Glue the circle to the center of the flower.

Using the Leaves Push Mold, make two or three leaves.

Now we are going to make the substrate. Using Ultimate Clay Machine®, roll out a sheet of White to the thickest setting. Place the texture sheet over the sheet of clay and press down firm with your hands or roller. Cut out the sheet into a square or rectangle, ensuring that the flower and leaves fit on the substrate. Cut a hole in the center, in order hang a ribbon.
Allow all the pieces to cure for 24 hours.

Paint the substrate with DecoArt Avocado and Pistachio Mint acrylic paints. Paint the leaves with Hauser Light and Avocado DecoArt acrylic paints.
Paint the flower with DecoArt Purple Rain acrylic paint. Assemble and glue all the pieces onto the substrate. Add ribbon through the substrate hole. You now have a cute home décor piece.

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