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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Garden of Unity Mixed-Media Sculpture

For my March Makin's Clay® project, I designed a small piece to highlight the fact that we are all united regardless of the color of our skin. 

Note:  Patricia is a fan of the television program The View.  Some of the hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, have frequently been discussing the state of the country right now and the need for unity.  Pat decided to send her Garden of Unity to Whoopi.   She knows it was received, as she received her own surprise in the mail recently - a signed copy of Whoopi's new book!  Thank you Pat for continuing to spread joy by sharing your art made with Makin's Clay®! 

Supply List:

Makin's Clay® in White/Olive        19G Steel Wire              Diamond Glaze™          Beacon Tacky 
Small Face Mold                              Krazy Glue®                 Alcohol Inks or                Glue™
Piece of Driftwood                           Wire Bristle Brush           Paint Small                   Victoria James Art        Beacon™ 527 Glue
    Heart Shape Plunger                        Shingle Cracked 
                                                             Growth Ring Real 
Recommended Makin's® Tools:

Makin's Professional®                      Makin's®
    Ultimate Clay Machine®                Heart Cutter Set  
    Cutting Mat                                     Floral Push Mold 
    Professional Clay Tools® 


Using a small face mold, push some white Makin's Clay® into the mold. Make 4 faces. Set aside to dry. 

Push some white clay into 2 flowers on the Makin's® Floral Push Mold. Using a small Makin's® Heart Cutter, cut out one heart and free form cut out another heart from a small piece of white clay rolled out on the #1 setting on the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®. I textured the front of the hearts with Victoria James Art Shingled Cracked Growth Ring Real Textures. Let dry. 

Paint the 4 faces in multi-ethnic skin tones. Set aside to dry. 

I used alcohol inks to color the hearts and flowers but you can paint them the colors of your choosing. When the hearts and flowers were dry, I glued the faces onto the hearts and flowers using Beacon's™ Tacky Glue. Next I coated the front of each piece with Diamond Glaze™. Let dry. 

Cut 4 pieces of 19G steel wires in 5" lengths. Glue the wires to the back of each flower and heart with Beacon's™ Power-Tac. Let dry completely. 

Roll out some Olive Makin's Clay® on the #1 setting on the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®. With a small heart plunger cutter (, cut out 4 hearts.

I glued a heart covering the wires on the back of each piece using Beacon's™ Tacky Glue. Then I textured each heart with a wire bristled brush. let dry. 

When dry I coated the back of each piece with Diamond Glaze™. 

Drill some small holes in the driftwood to accommodate each heart and flower. Secure the wires with Beacon's™ 527 Glue. I chose to bend each wire for more interest. 

I finished the piece by adding some meaningful words to my Garden of Unity. 

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