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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Church Window Ornament

Church Window Ornament by Carole Monahan

Makin's Clay® - 2oz Brown 
Beacon Tacky Glue™
Mylar or Tavoos Dichroic films
Stringing materials


Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® - Extruder discs 6 and 18
Makin's Professional® Professional Tool Kit


I used the gothic window stencil board as a pattern it is under a glass pane.
You can get the Masonite and just cover the board with clay as well.

Extrude brown clay with the larger disc 1st 18 about 1 foot. Trim with the flat blade from the professional tool kit.

Place over the pattern and press onto the glass sheet to hold in place. 

Then extrude with the smaller disc # 6 to add the small circles and details. 

To smooth use the medium tip sculpting tool and spray with a little water. 

After the window has dried for 24 hours, gently remove from the glass and glue it on to the Tavoos or mylar sheet.

Let the Beacon’s Tacky Glue cure completely then trim off any excess.

I used a hole in the top to string the window and it is ready to hang on your tree!

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