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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Autumn Leaf Pendant

Autumn Leaf Pendant by Patricia Krauchune
For my November Makin's Clay® project, I decided to showcase the flexibility of Makin's Clay®. This leaf is almost paper, thin yet flexible and strong. 


Makin's Clay® - Black                DecoArt® Triple Thick Glaze™
2 Part Silicone Leaf Mold            Jacquard® Lumiere® Metallic Olive Green Paint  
Jump ring                                     Nail Art Foil 
1 Eyelet                                        Krazy® Glue
Weldbond Glue

Recommended Makin's® Tools: 

Makin's Professional®
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Cutting Mat


Roll out some Black Makin's Clay® to the #6 setting on the Ultimate Clay Machine®. Place the thin sheet of clay between the two part leaf mold: (pink) and press firmly. Remove clay from mold and allow to dry overnight. 


I punched a few random holes in the leaf and trimmed the edge with scissors. I hand tore one small section to give a more realistic look to the leaf. Next, punch a small hole at the top of the leaf and add a small eyelet. I added a few drops of Krazy® Glue to the back of the eyelet for reinforcement. 

Paint the leaf with Jacquard® Lumiere® Metallic Olive Green paint. Here's where the "magic" happens. Working on a small area at a time, brush a layer of Weldbond Glue then burnish the nail art foil over the glue and lift off. Keep repeating till you get the effect you like and coverage of the foil that pleases you. Let dry completely and then do the same to the back side of the leaf. 

After the leaf has dried overnight, seal both sides with DecoArt® Triple Thick Glaze™. Add either a chain or a leather cord and you are finished! 


I love the versatility of Makin's Clay® in this project. 

See you soon with another fun Makin's project! 

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