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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Autumn Discs Bracelet

Autumn Discs Bracelet by Cindi McGee

Makin’s Clay® - Persimmon, Merlot 
  • Clay Roller
  • 3 Pc Clay Cutter Set - Round 
  • Texture Sheet Set C - Weave
  • Push Mold - Leaves 
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ - Burnished Brass, Copper 
22 Gauge bronze wire
Oversized bronze closure 
Jewelry pliers

Use maple leaf on Leaves push mold to make 2 leaves from Persimmon and 2 leaves from Merlot clay.  Set aside. 

Roll both colors of clay to a little more than 1/8” thick.  

Place Weave texture sheet over rolled clay and roll gently to transfer texture. 

Place Merlot leaf onto textured Persimmon clay, use round clay cutter to cut disc with part of the leaf and part of the background clay.  Repeat with second Merlot leaf, then repeat with two Persimmon leaves on Merlot background. 


Use fingertip to apply a light touch of Copper Metallic Lustre to all the Merlot pieces, and Burnished Brass to all the Persimmon pieces. 
Mount the partial leaves back onto the discs.  

Make two holes about 1/4” apart on opposite edges of each disc.  

Let dry 24 hours. 

Cut piece of bronze wire about 2 1/2 times the length of the 4 discs put together.  Insert the wire through the first hole from the top down, then bring it across the back of the disc and out the cooresponding hole on the opposite side.  Continue with each disc, alterating colors of discs. 

When the end is reached, insert wire through large bronze jump ring, twist several times around the jump ring, and then repeat in the second set of holes on each disc.  When you get to the opposite end, wrap the ends around the second large bronze jump ring from the closure.  Trim any remaining wire. 

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