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Monday, September 18, 2017

Ziggy Skull Dust

Ziggy Skull Dust by Carole Monahan

I love LOVE Halloween and anything that glows in the dark! I’m easily amused by things like that!  This is my tribute to David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust!


  • Glow in the Dark clay (wooohooo) about 1oz
  • Tiny amounts red, blue and black 

Pin back
Beacon™ Quick Grip contact cement
ImPRESSive putty (is a one part reusable mold making putty)


Makin's® Lighting Bolt Clay Cutters
Makin's Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Extruder®
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Professional Clay Tools® 

I learned a valuable lesson only SCULPT once! 
With Reuseble one part ImPRESSive putty I can do that easily!

I slowly sculpted a skull out of another type of clay using many of the Makin's®
professional sculpting tools. (I was sooo engrossed in the sculpting process I forgot to take photos along the way.) I took the original skull and made a mold with the putty. I then took the Makin’s® glow in the dark clay and pressed it into the putty. Note how I have a cookie cutter around the mold it helps when making the mold as well as when you impress clay into to make multiplies. I always slit an edge of the mold to make it easier to remove the piece.

Place a small amount black clay into the eye on the right side of the skull.  Roll red clay to setting #3.  Use the lightning bolt medium size cutter and cut the red clay out. Then line one side of the bolt with a tiny bit of blue clay.  Apply to the skull.

I used red clay to create the hair on the top of the skull.  I used the wire bristle attachment to create the texture on the hair.  

For the classic mullet look, I extruded red clay using disc #2 and added it to the sides of the skull. 

After the piece is cured about 24 hours glue pin on the back and get ready to delight others with your glow in the dark Halloween Bowie tribute pin!!

To see what other curious things I’m making you can follow me here!

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