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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Black Cat Halloween Pin

Black Cat Halloween Pin by Patricia Roberts-Thompson

Do you love black cats and Halloween? I sure do!  Let’s make a cute pin with Makin’s Clay®!


Makin’s Clay® Black 30G, Yellow 20G, Straw 20G 
Makin's Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Cutting Mat

  • Clay Roller 
  • Texture Sheet Set A - Brick (or brick pattern fondant roller)

Craft knife
Clay blade
2 ¼” round cutter
Black acrylic paint
DuraCoat Americana matte varnish
Pin back
Gorilla Superglue


Step 1:   

Roll the black clay on the thickest setting of your Ultimate Clay Machine® (2mm). Then cut a
Rectangle that is 2 ¼” long by 1 ½” wide. Curve the top if desired. Place remaining clay in a
Ziplock bag until needed. Roll the Yellow Clay on the 3rd thickest setting (1mm) cut it into a
Rectangle to match the black. Use a large round cutter (2 ¼”) or your craft knife to round
one side of the Moon. You will trim the yellow to fit the brick. Roll the Straw Clay
on the 2nd thickest setting (1 1/2mm) Add some cornstarch to the Fondant roller or Texture Sheet, and roll the brick texture into the clay. Cut this piece 1 ½” wide by 5/8” tall.

Step 2:   

Cut a piece off the bottom of the yellow moon, the same size as the brick piece. Place it on the Black background clay.
Step 3:   

Add the brick piece to the bottom of the pin

The template can be found below. 

Step 4:   

Roll the remaining black clay on the thickest setting of the Ultimate Clay Machine. Place the
Drawing of the cat on the clay, and lightly trace the outline. Use a craft knife to cut the shape
of the head and body. Roll a snake of black clay to make the tail. I used two tiny ovals of yellow to make the eyes, and a small piece of Straw clay for the nose.

Step 5: 

Assemble the cat onto the brick wall. I used a small straw to create the mouth. Let the pin dry
For 24 hours, then paint the brick with black acrylic paint, and wipe it from the high parts
(antiquing) When the paint dries, seal the pin with a matte varnish. I used DuraCoat Americana.
Add the pin back with Gorilla Super glue, and you’re done!

Happy Halloween!

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