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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mosaic Boxes Boho Style

Today, I'm here with some cool Mosaic Boxes in Boho Style. I had this cardboard boxes since a while and thought it is time to pretty them up.


Makin's Clay® - Black
Makin's® Clay Tool Set
Makin's Professional® - Ultimate Clay Machine®
Makin's Professional® - Cutting Mat
Makin's® - Square Cutters
Tissue Blade
Metalic Paint Lumiere by Jacquard
Sponge Dabber
UV Resin and lamp


I started with painting the box in gold and let it dry completely.

Next, I started rolling out about half of a 60 g package Makin's Clay® - black. This is of course also depending on the size of your box and how many mosaic tiles you need. I used the Ultimate Clay Machine® on the setting one which is the thickest setting.


Then I sprayed some water on the rubber stamp and the clay and did dab it back slightly, I only want it a little bit wet but no big puddles of water.

Now it is time to make some impressions. I uses the roller from the Makin's® Clay Tool Set and rolls over from one end to the other and making sure to give a good pressure. I don't recommand to go back and forth, but rather one heavy roll. You risk to have double impressions when you go back and forth.

You should get something like this.
To cut the large mosaic tiles I use the tissue blade.

A wet wipe is handy to smooth out the edges.

The leftovers you can simply smoosh together and run again through the Ultimate Clay Machine®.

Here you can see the second patch, which gonna be the smaller tiles and I going use the Makin's®  - Square Cutters.

A little trick here for you. I use an acrylic block on top of the cutter. This way I get more pressure to have a clean cut and it doesn't hurt my hands.

To test how many small tiles I need I placed the big ones the way I wanted them onto the in the meantime dry box.

After having so much fun with the first box I decided to make another batch, this time with rather smaller tiles, there are so many variation how you can make them...

                                                                                                                                                     I let the tiles dry overnight and now it it is time to paint them. I do use the Metallic paint for some extra sparkle.

As a first step I apply a color with a brush to make sure that I get into the crevices.

While the paint is still somewhat wet I take again a wet wipe and wipe off some of the paint on the surface, leaving color mostly in the crevices.

 Next I add other colors on top, sometimes it is a back and forth applying color taking away until you are happy with the result.

They looking quite good already, but I want to go a step further, so I go for some UV Resin next.

I usually start by applying along the edges and then add a blop in the middle and start spreading around. I also do at least 2 layers which I cure in between.

Now that they are cured, I glue them to the box with some tacky glue.

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