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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Quick & Easy Interchangeable Leaf Earrings

Interchangeable Autumn Leaf Earrings by Cindi McGee
Creating eye-catching autumn earrings couldn't be easier - just a few steps and you've got an interchangeable set!  


Makin's Clay®  - Persimmon 
Makin's® Leaves Push Mold 
Makin's Professional® 
Cutting Mat
Professional Clay Tools® Mica Powders - Copper, Gold, Golden Green 
Goldtone hoop earring wires 


Use Persimmon clay to make two larger sized leaves, two medium sized leaves, and two small leaves.  
Apply copper mica powder to two matching leaves, gold to another set, and the golden green to the third set of leaves. 
Use clay tool to make a small hole in the top center of each leaf.  Let dry 24 hours. 

That's it!  Simply add the leaves to the goldstone hoop earring wires as desired.  All 3, any 2, or one set at a time - it's your choice!


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