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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Four Leaf Clover Pendant


Makin’s Clay® - White 
Makin’s® - 
  • Mini Geo Clay Cutters 
  • Round Clay Cutters - 3 piece set 
  • Clay Roller 
Makin’s Professional® - 
  • Cutting Mat 
  • Professional Clay Tools 
Gold satin cording 
DecoArt® Dazzling Metallics™ acrylic paint - 
Assorted green mica powders 
Plastic wrap
Craft knife
Circle cutter about 1/2” wider than first cutter 
Beacon Tacky Glue™ 


Roll white clay to about 1/4” thick.    Place plastic wrap over rolled clay and use heart shaped cutter to cut 4 hearts to form a shamrock.  Use craft knife to cut stem for clover and trim any "extra" clay remaining as shown. 

Use largest sphere tool from Professional Clay Tools to make random indentations over entire surface of clay to mimic hammered metal.  

Sprinkle on assorted green mica powders, carefully brush/press to adhere to fresh clay (I found it worked best to use my finger to gently pat the powders and adhere them instead of using the brush - I wanted the different shades to blend slightly but not completely blend together).

Roll additional white clay to about 1/4” thick.  Place plastic wrap over rolled clay.  Use larger clay cutter to cut circle. 

Use sphere tool to texture the circle, front and back. 

Paint with gold paint.  Let paint dry and paint back side.   


Apply a small amount of tacky glue to the back of the shamrock disc and glue to the gold

Make a small hole in the top for the cording.   

Let dry 24 hours.   Add gold cording and sliding knots for closure. 

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