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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Vintage Frosty Ornament

FROSTY Vintage Ornament by Patricia Krauchune

For my December Makin's Clay® project, I made a little snowman from a very small old Christmas bulb. The old bulb I used was under 2" tall. 

Supply List: 

Makin's Clay® White/Red           Eye Screw                           Beacon™ Fast Finish Decoupage
Old Christmas Bulb                      Black & Orange Paint        Beacon™ Dazzle Tac Jewelry Glue™
Plastic Top Hat                             Krazy® Glue                      Beacon™ Tacky Glue
Glitter                                           Diamond Glaze™

Recommended Makin's® Tools: 

Makin's Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Professional Clay Tools
  • Cutting Mat

Start with an old Christmas bulb. Roll out a small ball of White Makin's Clay® and using the Beacon's™ Tacky Glue cover the end of the bulb. With a Makin's Professional® Clay Tool, make some indentations for the eyes, mouth and nose. Small pieces of dried clay are inserted into the indentations for the mouth, eyes and nose. I also painted, with the black and orange paints, the pieces of clay that were inserted.

Red Makin's Clay® was rolled out to the #6 setting of the Ultimate Clay Machine®.  I used the knurling pattern on the handle of the clay tool to give some texture to the sheet of clay.

Now cut a small narrow strip of clay to form a scarf and with the Tacky Glue attach it around the neck of the snowman.  I also added a small strip of clay around the top hat.  Let the pieces dry overnight.

I mixed some glitter into a small amount of Beacon's Fast Finish Decoupage. Brush the glitter mixture onto the head, scarf and top hat band. Let dry. 

I drilled a tiny hole into the top hat and glued an eye screw in place for hanging. A drop of Krazy® Glue was added inside the top hat to insure the eye screw stayed in place. 
Frosty's top hat was glued in place with Beacon's™ Dazzle Tac Jewelry Glue™. 
Coat all the glittered surfaces with Diamond Glaze™ to further adhere the glitter. Let dry. 

For a final touch, I topped all the clay surface and the top hat with another coat of Diamond Glaze. This gives the appearance of wet snow. Let dry.  

You are now ready to hang Frosty on your tree. Happy holiday! 

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