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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Season to Be Jolly Poinsettia Ornament


Makin’s Clay® - Merlot 60g, Grape Leaf 60g 
Makin’s Professional® 
Ultimate Clay Machine®
Cutting Mat
Professional Clay Tools 
Sizzix® Big Shot™
Sizzix® Poinsettia die 
Beacon Mixed-Media Glue™ mica powder - Gold 
Round clear plastic ornament 
Decorative ribbon 
Computer & printer
Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink pad 
Tea stained ivory card stock 
Parchment paper 


Select the font for your text.  I chose “Princess Sofia”.  Type out the text you want to appear on your paper strip.  I chose “‘’Tis the Season to be Jolly” for the front, and “Fa la la Fa la la Fa la la” for the back.   I sized it to be about 4 1/2” across when printed.

Print onto tea stained ivory card stock (I chose to use tea stained card stock because I liked the “aged/vintage” effect, but it’s optional!).   Trim around verses.  Check to be sure you have trimmed it enough so that it will fit inside the hole in the top of the ornament. 

Use Mixed-Media Glue to mount the verses back to back.  Be sure to attach them so that the verse on the back is not upside down.  

Ink the edges with the gold ink pad.   Carefully insert into the ornament.    

Add about a tablespoon of gold Judikins Glass Beads to the ornament.  Set aside. 

Roll Merlot and Grape Leaf Makin's Clay® in Ultimate Clay Machine® starting on setting #1 and progressing 1 setting at at time until you have rolled it on setting #6.   As you are rolling it, be sure it is the right size to fit the image you wish to cut with the die.  


At this point you can either let the clay sheet dry and then proceed to die cutting, or you can sandwich it between two layers of parchment paper and die cut while it is still fresh. I preferred to do it while it was still fresh for this project, as I planned to add veining to the leaves after cutting.  Follow the manufacturer instructions for the type of die cutting machine you are using.  

Cut 1 set of Grape Leaf petals/leaves and 1 set of the Merlot.


Use fine point tool on Professional Clay Tool to add veins to the leaves while the clay is still fresh.  

Cut all the petals leaves from the center pieces.  

Replace the cover of the ornament.  Using a touch of the Mixed-Media glue to adhere, begin adding the Grape Leaf leaves around the cover.   Then repeat with the largest Merlot petals, then proceed to the next size, and end with the smallest petals.  

Coat entire are of metal cover with glue.  Dip into gold glass beads to coat.  Let dry. 

Use paintbrush to apply a light dusting of gold mica powder over the leaves & petals.  The goal is to highlight the veining and just add a little sheen, not totally coat the petals.

Add decorative ribbon.

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