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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

West Witch Heart

Wicked Witch Heart by Patricia Krauchune

 For my October Makin's Clay® project, I decided to make the heart of the Witch of the West. 

Supply List: 

Black & Red Makin's Clay® 

Small Nails & Pins 

Lumiere® Black Metallic/Olive Green/Metallic Copper Paints 
5/8" Flat Glass Gem 
Watch Parts 
Plaid® Bright Red Paint 
Jump Rings 
Small Gear 
Folkart® Color Shift Green Flash Paint 
Copper Wire 
Krazy® Glue 
Artist's Loft™ Burnt Umber Oil Paint

Recommended Makin’s® Tools: Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat 


On the flat back side of the glass gem, first paint a black iris. When completely dry, paint a ring around iris with the metallic olive green paint but do not go all the way to the edge. The third and final coat of metallic copper paint is applied covering the entire back when the previous coat is dry. The eye is now complete. Set aside to dry overnight. You can paint the iris any shape you want and the eye can be any colors you like too. 

Free form a heart shape to your liking from the black Makin's Clay®

Make a jagged cut with a craft knife. I also added some texture with a tool I had made. Cut the jump rings in half and use them to "suture" the cut in the heart. They are glued in place with Krazy® Glue. Press the eye into the clay then remove it. This will form a little "well" to later hold the eye. Add a bale made from the copper wire. Nails were glued into the side and a small screw was glued into the heart. 

Now I glued the eye in place with Krazy® Glue. A small jelly bean shape piece of clay was used to form the eye lid and smoothed and blended into the heart. I also poked some random holes in the heart. 

Small pins were used to make eye lashes and a watch part was used to make an eye brow. 
I made a small slit on the heart's side and glued a small gear half way embedded. Another screw was added and a couple watch stems. 

I liquefied some red Makin's Clay®: (clay mixed with bottled water) and added a little red paint and made a slurry. The "blood" slurry was painted into the tear in the heart and around the screws and gear. 

Next I painted the heart with the FolkArt® Color Shift Green Flash paint. 

The final step was to antique the heart. I brushed on burnt umber oil paint and then wiped it off with paper towels. 

There you have it...the Wicked Witch of the West, her heart in all its glory. Here's looking at ya, my pretty! 

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