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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Falling Leaves Earrings


Makin’s Clay® - Assortment of Earth Tones, Vineyard Tones - I used scrap clay
  • Clay Roller
  • Maple Leaf Clay Cutters
  • Assorted Texture Sheets 

Makin’s Professional®  Professional Clay Tools 
Goldtone jump rings, chain, earring wires
Jewelry pliers 
Plastic wrap
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre - Assorted colors 


Roll scraps of autumn toned clay to about 1/8” thick.  To create marbled leaves, simply blend together scraps of many colors to create a marbled effect before rolling. 

Add texture by placing assorted texture sheets over the rolled clay and gently rolling to transfer texture to clay. 

For easiest removal of clay after cutting, place plastic wrap over the rolled clay and use the maple leaf cutters to cut leaves.  I cut several at once from all 3 sized cutters  to use for future projects, but for these earrings I used 6 of the smallest leaves. 

Use clay tool to make a small hole in each leaf for jump ring.  

Let all leaves dry 24 hours. 
Add small jump rings to leaves. 

Use fingertip to apply a light touch of Metallic Lustre to each leaf - I used assorted shades of Lustre on different leaves.

Cut two pieces of gold tone chain about 1” long.  Attach to earring wires.  Add a leaf to the last ring of each chain, one to the top ring. and one centered in the chain. 

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