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Thursday, September 7, 2017

ROBO Number 13

ROBO Number 13 by Patricia Krauchune 

For my September Makin's Clay® project, I decided to make a little steampunk robot. Let's get cooking! 

Supply List:

Makin's Clay® Black              5 Gears:  3 Small, 2 Medium                2 Old Keys 
Aluminum Foil                        Mini Gauge                                           Copper Wire 
Rigid Wrap™                          Metal Roller Ball                                  Old Alarm Clock Bell    
Black Gesso                            2 Metal Beads                                        Loctite® 5 Minute Epoxy 
Small Piece of Zipper             2 Small Screws with Washers               2 Springs 
2 Tire Stem Valve Cores         Small Nails                                            Metal Frame
2 Donut Shaped Beads            Krazy® Glue                                         Assorted Screws and Pins 
Small Metal 13 Plaque            3 Watch Stems                                       1 Large Gear 
Artists's Loft™ Burnt              DecoArt® Shimmering Silver              Martha Stewart™ Copper Paint
   Umber Oil Paint                   DecoArt® Splendid Gold                     
Beacon Tacky Glue™             DecoArt® Triple Thick Gloss Glaze™


Form 2 rectangles from aluminum foil, one slightly bigger than the other. Next wrap the rectangles with Rigid Wrap™ Plaster Cloth. Let them dry overnight. When dry, I painted the "cubes" with black gesso. 

Roll out some Black Makin's Clay® using the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® on the number 1. setting. Brush some Beacon's™ Tacky Glue onto the smaller cube and wrap the rolled out clay onto the cube. I impressed several different items to give some texture. A small piece of zipper was added for the mouth, two donut shaped beads form the eyes and a couple of mini screws with attached washers go in the center of the eyes. I used tire valve stem cores for the ears. Here is where you use what you have on hand. Small nails form "hair", and a metal piece with a rolling ball in the center adorns the top of the head. All pieces are held in place with Krazy® Glue. 

I had a small bell from an old alarm clock that I used for the base. Form some copper wire to feed into the hole in the bell housing which will be the base of the robot. Place the bell base upside down onto a spool. Mix some Loctite® 5 Minute Epoxy and fill the bell housing with the mixture. CAUTION! THE EPOXY GETS VERY HOT WHILE CURING, DO NOT TOUCH THE BELL HOUSING!!! The full cure takes 24 hours. When fully cured, paint the bell housing with copper paint. 

Now cover the larger cube with more black clay. Glue a small metal frame to the front using Krazy® Glue and paint the inside area of the frame with gold paint. This is the robot's front area. On the back side, I added a small metal tag with the number "13", a couple of small screws, mini nails and large pin heads. You can use whatever you have on hand to make the robot yours. I scour junk stores and yard sales for findings to make my robots and other steampunk pieces. 

Old keys will be used for arms. First I put a gear, a metal bead, the key and a screw that holds the assembly in place, Krazy® Glue again used as the adhesive. Small gears, a mini gauge and a copper coil were added inside the metal frame. With the cured bell housing base, I slipped a plastic tube over some springs and then wrapped copper wire to make "steam" pipes. Mix some more 5 minute epoxy and attach the body to the bell housing base. I filled the inside of the frame with DecoArt® Triple Thick Gloss Glaze™. 

Next I pushed a piece of copper wire into the top of the body, added a large gear, some epoxy and pushed the head of the robot in place. Leave undisturbed for 24 hours. At this point I decided to add a glass pin head to the top. 

Number 13 was painted silver, my choice for him.

The next day I antiqued Number 13 with Artist's Loft™ Burnt Umber Oil Paint. Brushed it on, wiped it off. 

My little guy is finished and I really like him. Now gather some supplies and make one for yourself. Anything is possible with Makin's Clay®, The No Bake Clay®. 

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