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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Stamped Butterfly Pendant by Cindi McGee

Stamped Butterfly Pendant 
Designed by Cindi McGee

Spring is here and that means butterflies begin to appear again and dance among the flowers.  The soft coloring of this pendant is from oil pastels.  Thanks to Design Team Member Carole Monahan and her "Dreamy Pastel Statement Necklace" made with Pan Pastels, I was inspired to pull out my oil pastels and revisit using them to color sheets of Makin's Clay®!  They were the perfect option for this blended, soft background color.  I am also sharing a new "technique" I discovered for shaping Makin's Clay® once it is dry...... 


Makin’s Clay® - Natural or White 
Makin’s® Ultimate Clay Machine™
Makin’s® Cutting Mat 
Krylon® Silver Leafing Pen 
Clearsnap® ColorBox™ Crafters Ink - Purple
Pentel® Oil Pastels 
Sizzix® Big Shot 
Sizzix®  Bigz Die - Butterfly, Flower, Leaf & Shamrock
JudiKins™ Floral Wave stamp 
JudiKins™ Tidy Tray 
Fine paintbrush 
Heat tool 
Small glass beads - clear and pale blue 
Connie Crystal purple crystal bead 
Silver jump rings, jewelry wire, jewelry pliers, silver eye pin, silver closure 
Tapestry needle or tiny hole punch


Roll Makin’s Clay® in Ultimate Clay Machine starting on setting #1 and ending at setting #2.  Let  dry 24 hours. 

Die cut butterfly from dry sheet of clay using Sizzix® Big Shot™ and die.  

“Scribble” with purple and teal blue oil pastel crayon on both sides of butterfly.  

Use fingertip to gently blend colors together.   I added a bit moire of the purple in the center of my butterfly as shown. 

Stamp both sides with the background stamp and purple ink.  Use heat tool to dry.  Now this is what I discovered and think is really nifty.... While clay is still warm from heat tool, bend wings upward and place between two objects to keep there while clay cools.  The wings will remain lifted once the clay has cooled.   You can re-shape/bend DRY Makin's Clay® by heating it with a heat tool!

Use fine paintbrush to apply Krylon Silver Leafing to outside edge of butterfly. 

Cut jewelry wire to desired length for pendant.  Place glass beads in Tidy Tray, bead entire length of wire with clear and pale blue beads in a random pattern.  Add jewelry closure. 

Make a small hole in head of butterfly with a tapestry needle or tiny hole punch.  Add silver jump ring.

Place purple crystal onto eye pin with clear glass bead.  Add to center of necklace.  Add jump ring to eye to hang butterfly.


Pat Krauchune said...

Wow, thanks for the new technique...what a great idea! The butterfly is so pretty!

Steph Ackerman said...

Beautiful butterfly and a new technique to try!

Donna said...


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