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Monday, April 4, 2016

Mini Clay Envelope Place Card Holders by Martha Lucia Gomez

Mini Clay Envelope Place Card Holders

by Martha Lucia Gomez

Hello dear friends, today I am sharing a tutorial to make these Mini Clay Envelopes that you can use as place card holders or as an infinite number of things! It is an easy project that doesn't require sculpting abilities just your favorite colors of Makin's Clay® and a theme inspiration. I said a theme because you can create these for your special events or for any occasion.

Makin’s Clay® White, Concord Blue and Adobe Brown.
Makin’s Clay® Roller
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat
Makin’s Clay® Texture Sheets - Set H

Ann Butler Iridescents Paints
Card Stock Paper

1. On the paper, draw an envelope template. You can customize the size for your needs – my template had a center rectangle of 2″ by 1 1/4″, and the top/bottom flaps extended out 3/4″ and the sides extended 7/8″.

2. Take an amount of the color of your preference of Makin’s Clay®. In my project I am using Blue, Adobe Brown and White. Smooth with your hands and use the Makin’s Clay® Roller to create an uniform layer.
3. Place the template onto the clay and use the knife to cut around
4. If you want, you can create a special texture on the upper flap of your envelope. With this in mind I used the one of the sheet included on the Makin’s Clay® Texture Sheets - Set H. I just needed to press this on the fresh clay.

5. After this, fold the two sides in, and then the bottom flap on top. Press the overlapping pieces together and use a little bit of water to smooth any roughness.

7. Repeat this process with the other colors of Makin’s Clay®.

8. Let them dry completely for 24 hours. Paint the envelopes as desired. I used Ann Buttler Iridescents in Sheer tones.

9. Cut small pieces of card stock for the place cards inside and if you want you can stamp or write the
name on the cards.

I hope you are inspired with my tutorial and comeback soon to share with us!

Enjoy, Martha Lucia


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