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Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Angel by Carole Monahan

Christmas Angel
Designed by Carole Monahan 

As the nights get longer and the days get colder (blaaaah)
Here is a fun family time project to warm your heart!


Makin's Clay® 2 packs 60g in white
Makin's Clay® 1 Peach from the Earth Tones collection
Small pinches of these Makin's Clay® colors - Blue and black or you can mix the clay with acrylic paint
Mica powder
Gold acrylic paint
16 gauge gold wire about 4 inches
Beacon™ Tacky glue

Makin's Clay® Professional tool kit
Makin’s® Ultimate Clay Machine™
Makin’s® Ultimate Clay Extruder™ with multi hole disc #
Sharp X-acto blade
Wire cutter
Stencil or texture sheet
Clothes pin and tooth pick


Start by flatting out one 60g pack of white clay large enough to fit into the Ultimate Clay Machine™.
Start at #1 the widest setting, and then roll on #2.
You will want to roll it out to a circle by hand about 7 inches across.
Make 2 plain circles.

Trim one circle using the scalloped rotary cutting wheel from the Makin's® Professional™ tools kit.
In the other end of the pro tool is my medium ball sculpting tool.
I used the ball tool to make the dress look more like crepe and flowing fabric.
To add to the angelic look I highlighted all the sculpted work with a pearl mica powder.
Set this aside to dry and work on the head.

The other circle is for her wings you can use any style you like I like the stencil, plus
I have a bonus* tutorial with this SAME stencil.  Variations would be to color the clay with acrylic paint or to use a texture sheet and then use your gold paint or mica powder.

Take the pack of Peach from the earth tone multi-pack and use about
¾ of it for the head the rest is for the hands.  Roll it into a ball and use the smooth curved texture point tool in your Professional tool kit.  This is a perfect tool for great smiles.
*** Hint*** as you can see I have taken the other handle from the kit with the medium point tip and a basic spring clamp to hold the head to add the details on the head and to give you an extra hand!
This way no squishing the finished product and her hair looks great! (wish my curly hair looked that good! )   Carole - we think your hairs looks just as fabulous lol - :0) 

And YES I did take a tooth pick and curled one strand of hair at a time!

Now we give her wings and arms!
I cut the white circle in half after it was thoroughly dry and then shaped it into a cone and glued
it with Beacons tacky glue. I secured it with a paper clip while it dried.

Here you see the gold paint applied to the stencil covered white clay for the wings
Let the paint and the clay dry before cutting your wings to the desired size.
As you can see here I used Beacons Tacky glue and the trusty paperclip to hold it in place as it dries.

Now make her some arms and hands
With the remainder on the peach clay sculpt out 2 basic hands.
Trim off some of the other half of the dress circle that you did not make into a cone for her arms.
Attach with glue or if the clay is still damp add a little water and press firmly in place.
Create a halo with wire and attach to your little angel.

Options for your lil Angel -------- She could be a tree topper or with the addition of a ribbon an
Ornament or she would look great as a place card holder at the holiday table.

Keep an eye out on my Blog for the BONUS tutorial for the gold stencil!

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Pat Krauchune said...

Very neat angelic project!

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