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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Classic Black, Red & White Jewelry Set

Classic Black, Red & White Jewelry Set by Bea Grob

A classic jewelry set made with cup beads and tiny leaves made with Makin's Clay®.


Makin's Clay® - black, red and white about 30 gr from each color
 - CLAY TEXTURE SHEETS - SET E the Curly pattern
- Roller
Makin's Professional® 
- Ultimate Clay Machine®
- Cutting Mat
Tissue Blade
Headpins, 2 mm elastic cord and earring hooks.
Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers
Ponybeads in size 8


I used the mixing ruler to have always the same amount of clay for the flowers and leaves.
Use the hole Size E for the larger flowers, Size D for the small flowers and Size B for the leaves.
Simply fill the holes and then use the tool to push it out and at the same time start shaping a bit.

Form the clay more around the ballpointed end of the tool. I used the bigger sphere for the bigger flowers and the smaller sphere, you guessed it, for the smaller flowers.

To smooth them out a had a wet towel ready and did dip my fingers into. You want the somewhat damp but not soaking.

Then I carefully removed it from the ball and that is what it looks like.


Add the headpins to the flowers.

For the leaves, form first a flat leave shape, and then add the headpin before pinching it just at the bottom slightly together. The goal is to see the rounded end of the headpin, but enough wrapped so that the headpin stays in place.

Repeat to make flowers and leaves from white, black and red clay.

I use foam to hold them while they dry for 24 hours. I had approx 10 to 11 flowers of each size in red, white and black, and also about 10 leaves in red, white and black. 

Once the clay was dry, I began constructing the earrings.  Gather three parts at once and bend them to mark where the loop will start. As you can see I staggered them a bit.

Next, make the loops into each flower. I also added some pony beads in size 8 just for fun, but that is optional.

I don't recommend adding the loops directly to the earring hooks. The just hang better if you add a small jump ring. Then you can add the jump ring to the earring hook.

For the bracelet, make the loops right at bottom of the flowers or right after the bead. I did about half half with beads and with out beads. The reason for I wanted them to be a bit staggered too.

I used the 2 mm elastic cord for jewelry and marked the ends. I simply wrapped around the wrist to figure out how much I needed.

Next, tie a black bead on one end and start with 3 flower/leaf combo before adding two beads again. I did try to space them somewhat between sizes, forms and colors.

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