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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Witch's Hat

Hi everyone, Steph here today with a witch hat that can double as the top of a candle holder.  While  Halloween is just around the corner, there is still time to create some fun Halloween projects!


Makin's Clay- Black 

​Black Gesso
​Prima Marketing Metallique Paints
Paper mache hat
​Candle Holder


Starting on setting #1, roll black clay through the clay machine, increasing the settings one a time,​ until I had the thickness I desired.  For this project, I ended on setting #5.

​I found a paper mache witch hat that I thought would be fun to alter.

Damp clay will seal together without glue, so starting from the tip, I wrapped the clay around the point.  I cut off  the excess clay as I covered the hat.   I snipped the clay along the bottom edge so it would sit evenly on the brim.  

​I took the cut off remnants and wrapped them around the brim, sealing them to the hat.  Again, I trimmed the clay so it would sit evenly on the brim.

I cut off the overhanging clay then painted the hat with black gesso.  Once the clay had been allowed to dry for 24 hours, I decided to paint the hat a lovely metallic purple.

​I wanted to add some "hair" to the hat so I die cut Rinea Glossy Copper Foiled Paper and adhered the
hair under the hat.

​I then curled each piece individually by wrapping each around a craft tool.  Next, I adhered some white mesh around the hat.

​ To finish, I adhered some lovely purple jeweled spiders to the mesh.

I created the witch wand by wrapping black clay around a stick.  For the top of the wand, I die cut  Rinea Ebony Starstruck  Foiled Paper and added it to the top, curling each piece.

Thanks for stopping by.

​ Steph

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