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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Evil Orville

Evil Orville by Patricia Krauchune 

Here's my spooky Halloween pendant, Evil Orville. Personally I think he is quite handsome!   BOO...


Makin's Clay® White                                 Krazy® Glue                                     Screw
Plastic Eye                                                  Copper Wire                                      Red Sharpie®
Metal Keychain Ring                                  Ball Chain                                         Folkart® Color Shift Paint: Flash Green
Small Gear                                                  Jump Rings                                       Artist's Loft™ Oil Paint: Burnt Umber
Green Glass Headpin                                  2- Tire Valve Cores

Recommended Makin's® Tools

Makin's Professional® 

  • Cutting Mat
  • Professional Clay Tools


Form a crude heart shape with some White Makin's Clay®.
Push a plastic eye into the top left corner.

Use a metal ring from a keychain to circle the eye. Make some dots around the eye.
Place a small gear to the right side, and secure in place with a green glass headpin dipped in Krazy® Glue.

Make a bale from some copper wire and glue into the top with Krazy® Glue.

I used one of my Makin's Professional® Tools to form the nostrils.
Next score a "smile" line and some cross marks.

Press a piece of ball chain into the smile line. Cut some jump rings in half and add them over the ball chain. Add a couple of halved jump rings over the eye. Insert a screw into the side.

Next I added two tire valve cores on to the top side.

I used a red Sharpie® marker and colored in the dots around the eye.
Set aside for at least 24 hours for the clay to harden.

Before I painted Orville, I added a drop of Krazy® Glue to the jump rings and all added embellishments.

Brush on the Green Flash paint.
The piece was then finished by antiquing with burnt umber oil paint...brush it on then wipe it off.

Here he is, my Evil Orville pendant.  Happy Halloween!

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