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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Open Heart Steampunk Pendant

Open Heart Steampunk Pendant by Patricia Krauchune
This month I decided to used some of the scrap dried clay I have accumulated after almost 4 years on the Makin's Clay® Design Team. I will show you, through this project, how there is no waste with Makin's Clay®. Let's get started! 

Supply List:

Leftover Dried Black & Red Makin's Clay®                   Heart Punch                     Sandpaper
ART C® Wax in Gold/Silver/Copper                             Krazy® Glue                    Scissors
1 Large and 1 Small Gear                                            2 Oval Jump Rings           1 Small Brad
Beadalon® Wildfire™ Bead Weaving Thread                 Linoleum Cutter               Small Key
Beacon™ Fast Finish Decopauge                                  Japanese Screw Punch

Recommended Makin's® Tools:

Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat


Here's a drawer where I put all the leftover pieces of clay from previous projects.  You will see that nothing goes to waste.

From a piece of paper, make a heart shape pattern and trace onto a piece of leftover dried Makin's Clay®.*

Cut out the heart with scissors.

*If you do not have any leftover clay, roll some out on the #1 setting of the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® and let it dry for several days.

Using the original heart pattern, cut out a smaller heart from the center of the pattern.  Now trace the cut out section onto the heart shaped piece of clay.

Sand the edges till smooth.  I punched some holes into the heart pattern, then transferred the alignment onto the clay, then punched the holes out using a Japanese Screw Punch.

I layered a small gear over a larger gear and used a small brad to secure together.   Texture was added with a linoleum cutter.

At this point, I used some ART C® waxes to give the appearance of metal.  I used Gold, Copper and Silver wax.

I punched out a small heart from some leftover red clay.

Beadaolon® Wildfire™ Bead Weaving Thread was used to capture the gears in the center of the heart. I used Krazy® Glue to secure the little red heart.  A little key was added to the heart bottom using an oval jump ring and a larger oval jump ring was added to the top to attach a chain.

The final step was to seal the heart using Beacon™ Fast Finish Decoupage.

There you have it, a cool little pendant made from leftover clay.  Nothing is wasted using Makin's Clay®!

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