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Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Happy Birthday" Card with Polymer Clay Dress Accent

"Happy Birthday" Dress Card by Iris Rodriguez
Hello Makers!
Ever feel sassy on your birthday and want to put on your best clothes and paint the town red? Not only does this card make a cute gift, but also may inspire that special someone to get out there and paint the town red and invite you along. How fun is that? Lol! If not, it’s okay. A nice quiet birthday is fun too. This cute red dress card was made with the Black Makin’s Clay® and Coil Texture Sheet from Set H.
  • Makin's Clay®– Black  
  • Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat
  • Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® 
  • Makin's®– Texture Sheet, Set H (Coils)
  • Makin's®– Clay Roller
  • Prima Marketing – Finnabair Fire Ruby Metallic Wax
  • Cardstock-Black, Red
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Ribbon-black
  • Rhinestones
  • Sentiment Stamp
  • Imagine-Nocturne VersaFine Clair ink, clear embossing powder
  • Aleene’s Clear Glue


Get a dress pattern from the internet, or draw your own. Keep in mind the desired card size and therefore the dress size. Scale your image on the computer.
To make a template, use chipboard and graphite paper. A hard surface, like the chipboard, helps to guide the knife around the clay, when cutting out the dress.
Place graphite paper over the chipboard, with the darker side down. Place the image over the graphite paper. Trace over the image with pencil or pen. 
Cut out the pattern with scissors or precision knife.

Using the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® roll out a sheet of Black Makin’s Clay® to the third thickest setting.

Place the texture sheet over the sheet of clay and press firmly into the clay with a roller.
Cut out the dress. Use the chipboard to guide the knife. Do not press the dress into the clay, it will distort the stamped pattern.
To give the dress a little movement and dimension. Make slight folds by pinching the clay down the center. Pinch the down on the edges. No need to drape over anything, Makin’s Clay® will keep its shape.

Let the dress dry for 24 hours to cure.
Now it’s time to embellish the dress. Rub the metallic wax with your fingers on the raised areas. Glue a ribbon on the waist.
Cut a piece of scrapbooking or other paper to desired size. Ink the edges. Glue onto black cardstock.
Stamp the sentiment onto a red cardstock paper and emboss. Assemble the card.

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