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Friday, June 15, 2018

Faux Sea Glass Polymer Clay Bracelet

Faux Sea Glass Bracelet by Patricia Roberts-Thompson

Makin’s Clay® White 30g                  
Makin’s® Push Mold - Sea Shells
Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®
Wet wipes 
Size 6 seed beads
DecoArt acrylic paints: Island Blue, Golden Brown 
Craftsmart: Ocean Breeze, 
Chalk paint – Light cream color  
Blade or scissors
Needle tool 
Knitting needle
Americana DuraCoat Matte Varnish or Golden Matte varnish
Stamp block


Fig 1: Condition some white Makin’s Clay® and add acrylic paints in blue, aqua green and ochre ( Golden Brown ) to three separate balls of clay. Take some of each resulting colour, and mix those together to get more colours for your faux beach glass look nuggets. Keep in mind they will dry darker than the color you mix.  Dust the Sea Shells push mold with cornstarch and using a color of clay that you like, press some into the smaller clam shell mold. You will use two for each bead. I find it easier to use more clay than I need, press into the mold, letting it go past the edges which gives you something to hold onto when pulling it from the mold. Then use a sharp pair of scissors to trim away the excess clay. I used a round toothpick, laid it through the middle of one clam side, and then placed the other one on top. Twist the toothpick as you pull it out from the bead. This was easier than poking a hole.  Use a needle tool to detail the clam shell.

Fig 2: To make the sea glass nuggets, roll a ball of clay, just smaller than a marble, but vary the sizes. I used a stamp block to press some angles into each piece, and the occasional groove. I used a small knitting needle, dipped in cornstarch to make the holes. Make the holes large enough to accommodate your stringing material.  Let them dry for 24 hours.

Fig 3: When the beads are dry, brush a coat of chalk paint, and remove most of it with a wet wipe or damp paper towel. You want just a hint of the cream color remaining. The cream paint helps make the beads look more translucent. Let the beads dry, and then varnish them. I love the Matte varnish from Golden, but you can use your favorite matte varnish.

Fig 4: Assembly. I choose a fabric elastic found in the sewing notions section of WalMart for my stringing  material. It’s very strong, and the knots don’t come out as you wear the bracelet. Stretch Magic works very well also! Thread your beads, alternating the colors and placing a size 6 seed bead between each one. You’ve probably made extra like I did, so just pick your favorites, testing the fit as you go. Use a bead with a large hole for the end, so you can hide the knot in the elastic. Thread on a charm on a jumpring if you like. Tie the elastic in a square knot, then one more knot. Add a drop of glue if you like, and then pull the knot into the larger hole of the last bead.
All done! Something cute to wear to the beach!

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