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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Winter "Time" Pendant

Winter "Time" Pendant by Patricia Krauchune
 For my January Makin's Clay® project, I made a Winter scene inside a watch case. I used a lot of dried scrap pieces of clay that I had from previous projects. That's one of the reasons I love this clay, there is no waste. 

Supply List:

Makin's Clay® in White, Black, Green          Tim Holtz IDEA-OLOGY Pocket         Diamond 
Yellow, Red                                                     Watch Case                                            Glaze™
Krazy® Glue                                                   Glass Glitter                                           Sky Blue and 
Weldbond™ Adhesive                                    Black Marker Pen, Fine Tip                   White Paint 
                                                                                                                                        Circle Paper        
Recommended Makin’s® Tools: 

Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® 

Makin's® Professional Mat 

Makin's Professional® Clay Tools 

Remove back from the watch case. Using the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®, roll out some white clay on the # 2 setting of the clay machine. 

Fill the back of the watch case with the White clay that you just rolled out. Set aside to dry. 
Some Black clay was rolled out on the #6 setting of the clay machine and when dried, I cut out a house shape. Green clay was rolled out to the # 7 setting and set aside to dry. When dried, with scissors, I cut out 2 evergreen tree shapes. Set the house and trees on the back piece and arrange to please, then remove. Small pieces of Yellow and Red clay were rolled out on the #7 setting and when dried I glued them to the back of the house shape using Weldbond™ adhesive. Let dry. 

When the back was completely dry, I painted the clay a sky blue color. 
Using a dried paint brush with a very small amount of white paint, I painted in some cloud streaks. 
Using a circle paper punch, I made a sun from some of the dried Yellow clay. I also made a little cloud from some of the dried White clay. 

Now the fun part will be to arrange your little Winter scene to your pleasing. All the components were glued down with Krazy® Glue. 

I added some glass glitter to the roof top, under the windows and front yard secured with Krazy® Glue. 

I also used a marker pen to draw in three birds flying in the sky. 

The finished scene was coated with a layer of Diamond Glaze™. 

There...Winter Time. That was easy. 

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