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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dogwood Vase

Dogwood Vase by Darleen Bellan


Makin's Clay® - White 
  •  Clay Tools
  •  Texture Sheet - your choice
Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat
Assorted Acrylic Paints
Glass bottle/jar/vase 


1. Roll out clay to about 3mm thick and apply to a glass vessel of your choice.
2. Press selected texture sheet onto clay surface to create design.

3. Using tool set, create small petals and apply to clay on vase, then roll snakes of clay and texture with pointed tool to mimic vines.

4. Allow to dry over a few days and then paint with thinned down acrylic paints in the colors of your choice or leave unpainted to resemble bisque porcelain. 

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