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Monday, July 3, 2017

Beach Life Decorative Frame

Makin's Clay® - Earth Tones Multi Pack, Black, White 
  • Clay Mixing Ruler
  • Sea Shell Push Mold 

Makin's Professioanl® Cutting Mat 
Wooden star frame 
Round mirror 
Alphabet push mold 
Cheese cloth 
Beacon Tacky Glue®
Proxxon® Delta Sander
Plaid® Coastal Paints - High Tide, Sand Dollar and Seal Gray 
Alphabet stickers or die cut lettering
Etchall® Dip n' Etch
Tattered Angels Copper Glimmer Mist
Script stamp
Permanent ink 
Paint brush 


Use the Clay Mixing Ruler to create your own colors of shells, adding different colors of clay in any number of holes.  I initially chose 3 colors from the Earth Tones pack to work with.  Then I simply removed the clay balls and mixed them together.  This way you can create some very realistic looking shells.

Place the clay in the Sea Shells push mold gently pushing the clay into the cavities so the clay picks up the all the details in the mold.

Once removed, you have beautiful shells to work with.

To create the letters to spell LIFE, mix black and white clays together until you've created gray.  Then place the clay in an alphabet mold.

To create the mirror/frame, begin by sanding the frame with the Proxxon Delta Sander.

Paint the frame with  Plaid Coastal Paints using High Tide for the base color.  Then add touches of Sand Dollar and Seal Gray to create a beachy feel.  Once dry, use Tacky Glue to adhere some mesh around the right side of the opening.

Determine the placement of the shells and use Tacky Glue to glue them around the frame.  Glue LIFE in the opposite corner.

Use etchall® dip 'n etch to etch Beach into the mirror.  Directions on how I etched the mirror can be found on my blog.

Spritz Tattered Angels Copper Glimmer Mist on the shells and the mesh.  The glimmer mist adds a nice tone to the shells when it gets into the crevices.

Use a script stamp with black ink and stamp it randomly around the frame to create some additional detailing.

I hope I've got you in a beachy mood today.

What will you create today?


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