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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tropical Sunset Bangle (Redo the Redo!) by Carole Monahan

or the 3rd time is a charm: or on this case a bracelet...

By Carole Monahan


Makin's Clay® in White, Yellow and Red
Pan Pastels
Beacon™ Tacky Glue
Wooden bracelet blank


Stencil of choice


This was intended to be a lesson on using the color mixer ruler which it STILL is but………
It soon became a lesson in resilience and tenacity!
The mixing of the colors as shown below was the ONLY thing that DID go right the 1st time!
Just follow the recipe on the color chart to achieve the color you want.
I was going for a subtle tangerine/soft orange sherbert.

Using the Makin’s® Ultimate Clay Machine™ roll out the new color keeping in mind you have to cover a bracelet note the size placed into the machine. I rolled it out at a #2 setting.

Then trim the clay with the plain cutter wheel from the professional tool kit.
Note in photo I made a template that I know would cover the length and width of the bracelet.

Lay you CLEAN stencil over your clay and burnish it so it stays in place while applying the colors.
OOPS NUMBER 1 - my stencil left a mark on the clay.
So I turned the clay over to the clean side and cleaned my stencil (DUH moment.)

Add the pan pastels starting with the lightest colors 1st.

OOPS NUMBER 2 (enter BIG sigh here) - 
Now I messed up the OTHER SIDE!!!!
SOO I started all over again.

OOPS 3!!!!! this one was too humiliating to even photograph - 
I thought HEY maybe I should use a different stencil and make the stencil slightly damp so it stays down on the clay.  Uuummmm DON’T DO THAT, I will spare you now! The clay stuck to the stencil. UGH it was too damp.

But I did let the clay dry completely and slowly peeled it off and it looks pretty good. I see earrings in the near future.
So NOW WHAT ??????

Back to side 1; yeah the one with the stencil residue………….
I free handed the Pan pastels over the ghost image of the “residue” I think it came out pretty!

Well I FINALLY got my romantic sunset image I was striving for.
NOW to assemble this bad boy!

I let the clay dry for about 1-2 hours before adhering it to the wooden bracelet just so it was still pliable and stretchy.

Cover the bracelet blank with a thin coat of Beacon’s Tacky glue.

Then position the clay on the bracelet.

To make sure the clay stayed put while it dried completely I put a weighted box on it while it dried.
When it was almost dry completely I trimmed off the access clay.

Now I’m all set to wear my sunset bracelet while I watch an amazing sunset in

Come check out more of my creations as well as my errors! I goof up to hopefully save you from doing it!


Pat Krauchune said...

Pretty pastel colors...nice job Carole!

Donna said...

It turned out beautiful!

Debbie said...

Everybody loves to know there are outtakes. So we can know ours are not uncommon. 😊

Debbie said...

Everybody loves to know there are outtakes. So we can know ours are not uncommon. 😊

Cindi Bisson McGee said...

So glad you redid the redo - love the coloring on this!

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