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Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Earthtone Rainbow" Necklace by Andrijana Katavic

by Andrijana Katavić

Hello everyone!
I know! Rainbows traditionally contain a completely different color scheme than the earthy palette I used for this necklace. But, I used colors that I prefer more and which are better harmonized with my wardrobe. Chalk it up to artistic freedom. You are also free to use your favorite colors. I would like to see all color schemes that you used to make this necklace following my tutorial, so it would be nice if you send me a photos of your Rainbow necklace creations. You can send me photos in the message on the Makin's Clay® Facebook page.


Makin’s Clay® Earth Tones Colors Package (Peach, Olive, Straw, Persimmon, Light Adobe, Adobe Brown)
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder™ (disc 5 + O-ring)
Makin’s Clay® Core™ Extruder adapters (2mm)
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat


Sharp scissors or X-Acto knife
12 wire guardians
12 crimp beads
12 crimp beads covers
6 large jump rings
2 small jump rings
2 cord ends caps with loops
Leather cord
Jewelry wire
Magnetic claps
Duct tape
Beacon’s™ Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive


This is my technique for using the Clay Core Adaptors - Place Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat on your working table. Unscrew the handle of Ultimate Clay Extruder™ to make enough space inside tube for the clay log. Unscrew end cap, and insert disc 5 in it, then place O-ring, and finally adapter (needle toward the opening of the end cap).

Unpack Peach Makin's Clay® and made a log. Place log in the extruder, and screw back end cap with disc, O-ring and adapter. 

Extrude clay by twisting handle of the extruder. This way you'll get round tube of clay with a hole inside. Repeat whole process for other clay colors.

NOTE: It is important to clean the extruder (as well the disk, O-ring and adapter) after each color. Click HERE to learn how to do this.

Leave hollow clay tubes to dry separately for about 12 hours. Then use sharp scissors or X-Acto knife to cut the part of tubes that come out first from the extruder (cracked ends).

NOTE:  It is important to dry clay tubes to avoid ruining the holes inside.

Place all tubes of clay on the Cutting Mat following the arrangement of colors that you want, but so that the cut ends are aligned to one another. Bend all tubes in a U-shape and cut the other end of tubes in line with the first one.

NOTE:  Even after drying clay tubes will be flexible, so you'll bend them quite easily without fear that you will destroy the inner holes.

String each tube on separately jewelry wire. Place wire guardians, crimp beads and beads covers on and leave to dry for another 12 hours. Bend tubes occasionally to stay curved.
both ends of wire. Place clay tubes close to one another

Connect two clay tubes with one large jump ring (place jump ring through two wire guardians). Repeat the process to connect jump rings to other ends of tubes. String the leather cord on jump rings. Connect all ends of the leather cord with duct tape. Squeeze a small amount of Beacon’s™ adhesive in cord end caps with loops, and insert the ends of leather cord. Leave glue to dry, and then using small jump rings place the magnetic claps on loops. Your Rainbow necklace is ready to brighten your days.

 If you want to see other pieces that I made visit my blog 

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Krauchune said...

Totally beautiful...Awesome job Anya!

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