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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spiral Clay Earrings by Andrijana Katavic

Designed by Andrijana Katavić

Hello everyone!

I really love to make various things with Makin’s Clay®, because it has a tremendously broad range of applications. Also, it is very flexible and can be bent, molded and shaped easily, which made making of these Spiral earrings very simple and easy. Check the instructions to see what I mean.


Makin’s Clay® White 60g
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder™ (disc 12)
Makin’s Clay® Mixing Ruler™
Makin’s® Roller & Cutters Tool Set
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat

Sharp scissors
Dark purple metallic acrylic paint
X-Acto knife
4 jump rings (2 for each earring)
2 french hook earwires
Medium bag with a sealable closure
Piercer or a piece of wire


Place Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat on your working table. Unpack White Makin's Clay® and using the Mixing Ruler measure 2 piece of clay in G hole.

Add a small amount of purple metallic acrylic paint (about the size of grains of peas) on one piece of clay, and place it in a plastic bag with a sealable closure. Knead well. When clay and color are well mixed, remove from bag and made a log. Repeat whole process for other piece.

NOTE: During drying, the color will fade a bit, so if you want Spiral earrings in more intense color add more acrylic paint. I wanted my earrings to be the color as close to the shade of lavender, so I added small amount of paint.

Unscrew the handle of Ultimate Clay Extruder™ to make enough space inside tube for the clay log. Unscrew end cap, and insert disc 12 in it. Place one log in the Extruder, and screw back end cap with disc.

Extrude clay by twisting handle of the Extruder. Clean Extruder (click HERE to learn how to do this) and repeat whole process for other log.

NOTE: It is important that one edge on both extruded stripes is rounded, so it is necessary to process each piece of clay separately.


Place the stripe of clay on the Cutting Mat to measure it. Put part of clay stipe that came out first from Extruder (that one with rounded edge) on the zero (0), and then cut it with sharp scissors to a length of 10 centimeters. Measure and cut other stripe as well.

Wrap one stripe of clay around the handle of the X-Acto knife. Carefully remove clay from the handle. Wrap the other stripe, but in the opposite direction. Remove carefully.

NOTE: It is important to wrap stripes in the opposite direction, so that earrings later can stand properly.

With spiky (pointy) modeling tool which is included in Mixing Ruler set poke holes on the part of clay stripe that you've cut with scissors. Pass the piercer or a piece of wire through the holes, hang somewhere (in a glass for example), and leave clay to dry for about 12 hours.

NOTE: Due to gravity strips will stretch a bit during the drying.

Use pliers to hang jump rings and hooks on dry clay, and your finished.
earrings are

P. S. If you want to see other pieces that I made visit my blog

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