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Friday, April 10, 2015

Woven Clay Basket by Lisa Haney

Woven Clay Basket 
Designed by Lisa Haney 

This adorable basket is perfect for filling with tiny treats and gift giving for Mother's Day, as a Get Well wish, or for any occasion

Skill Level – Easy


Makin’s Clay® - 120g Blue, Neon Pink, White 
                      - Circle Cutter Set - large cutter
                      - Geo Cutter Set - heart
                      - Rectangle Cutter Set - large cutter 
                      - Clay Mixing Ruler™ 
                      - Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder®
                      - Makin’s Professional® Clay Tools
3/16” Round Kemper Cutter or small straw
4” Skewer
6”x6” Tile
Beacon™ Tacky Glue 
Loctite® Super Glue


Following the color chart included with the Clay Mixing Ruler™, use the E measuring well
for the blue clay and the G measuring well for the neon pink clay.
  Measure two parts of each.  Mix well with 30g or ¼ package of white for a light lavender color.
Roll the clay into 1mm thick sheet with Makin’s Roller.  Cut out two circles with the large size circle cutter.

Using the medium round disc and the Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder®, extrude 21” of clay.  Cut into seven 3” pieces (picture only shows five but for this project, seven pieces will be needed.)  These will become the basket spokes.
Lay one of the circles of clay in the center of a tile.  Put a small amount of the Beacon™ Tacky Glue on the circle before laying the seven spokes evenly around the circle. 
Put a small amount of glue on the other circle.  Lay on top of the circle and spokes.  Press together.  Let dry.
Using the medium ribbon disc and the extruder, extrude 60” of clay.  Lay flat and let dry.

When the bottom of the basket is completely dry, bend the spokes upward. 
Using the Loctite® Super Glue, glue one end of the ribbon to a spoke at the bottom of the basket.
Weave the ribbon in and out of each spoke until all of the ribbon is gone.  Do not pull the spokes in too tight.  The top of the basket should be wider at the top then the bottom.

Super glue the end of the ribbon to the basket.   Glue each spoke to the top row of the ribbon.  With the scissors, trim the spokes so they are flush with the top of the ribbon.

Roll out a 2”x 8” strip of white clay 1mm thick.  Trim one long edge with the straight cutter and the other edge with the wavy cutter so the strip is 1”x 8”.  Using the Kemper circle cutter or straw, cut holes in the wavy edge of the strip.  Put a thin strip of glue along the top of the basket.

Bend the white strip of clay over the top of the basket trimming the ends as needed.  Let dry.


Roll white clay into 1mm thick sheet with roller.  Cut two large rectangles.  Roll purple clay into 2mm thick sheet.  Cut out two hearts. 
Put tacky glue on one rectangle.  Place the skewer in the middle of the rectangle then lay the other rectangle on top.  Press the edges of the rectangles together.  Glue the hearts on the top corners of the sign leaving room to write a message.  Let dry.

Using a Sharpie® write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the rectangle.  Fill the basket with chocolate kisses and insert the sign.   

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