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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mixed Media ART Mosaic

While at the CHA Create-n-Connect Show last week I taught a Mixed Media ART Mosaic workshop which included Makin's Clay® pieces that were stamped and turned out very cool for each of the students.....Here is one of the class samples:

The clay tiles in the above project were placed all around the edge of the is how is was done:

Beacon Adhesives Fabri Tac, Felt Glue, Fast Finish Decoupage & 527 Multi Use Glue
Rubber Stamps: EZ-De’s by Ann Butler Designs and KellyCraft Innovations
                             Ann Butler Designs by Unity Stamp Company
8” x 10” Canvas by CanvasCorp
Makin’s Clay®: White or Black
Makin’s Clay® Cutters: Rectangle or Square
Colorbox Chalk Ink: Popcorn by Clearsnap
Foils by Clearsnap  
Trim by Expo International
Gesso by Earth Safe Finishes
Velcro® Removable Picture Hangers
Decorative Paper of choice (8 ½” x 11”)
Paint Brush, Scissor, Paper Trimmer, Acrylic Block, KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square with 2 – 4  blocks the height of canvas (optional), Pencil, Toothpick, Ziplock Bag, Baby Wipes

  1. Print saying of choice onto decorative paper.
  2. Apply gesso to front and edges of canvas, let dry.
  3. Using paper trimmer cut decorative paper to 7” x 9” being sure to keep in mind the area you want to use for your mosaic.  Then cut this into seven 1” x 9” strips, be sure to keep these in the correct order.  Then cut each strip into nine 1” x 1” squares.  Lay each strip out onto workstation in order.
  4. Use 1” square stamp of choice to stamp pattern onto each square with popcorn ink; this will help give dimension; notice how some squares have more ink then the others, this is ok as it adds interest in the piece.
  5. Evenly space all of the mosaic pieces onto the canvas (optional: using the laser square as a guide) apply felt glue to the back of each 1” square using a toothpick, glue in place, let dry. 
  6. Apply fast finish decoupage on top canvas with paint brush, let dry.  Repeat twice.
  7. Roll clay out to about 1/8” thick, press stamp of choice into clay for texture. 
  8. Cut clay with clay cutters; between 20 – 26 pieces.
  9. Apply a small amount of felt glue onto clay pieces with finger, let dry a few seconds (not completely) and apply foil onto clay pieces in small areas.
  10. Glue clay pieces onto edge of canvas and in areas desired on front with 527 multi use glue.
  11. Glue trim onto back of bottom edge of canvas with fabri-tac.
  12. Use Velcro® Removable Picture Hangers follow manufacturer's instructions to have canvas onto wall.
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