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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Festive Holiday Stars

Festive Holiday Stars by Bea Grob
The holidays are coming... 

Time to do all kind of coordinated decoration for cards, for the table and for the tree. So join me to make some cool embellishments in any color you like, it doesn't have to be that light blue/teal I have used. You can match to your interiors.


1 pack of white Makin's Clay® (60g)
Acrylic paint in the color you like
Glitter, rather chunky glitter works better
Gel pen in gold
card base and mat 
Tacky Glue
I used the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®, but you can also use the Makin's® Clay Roller
Star shaped cutters in different sizes 
Wet towel


To make the stars, we are using Makin's Clay® in white straight from the package, no conditioning needed.  Simply form a sort of an oval shape and add a bit of paint. No exact measurements here. I applied/added in rather small quantities and mixed it up before I added more.

I then grabbed the oval and folded the edges in, so that the paint was captured in the middle. From experience I knew, that still some might squeeze out, so I decided to wear gloves. Mainly because I knew I had to make pictures for you guys and didn't want the paint on my camera....🤣

I also switched between adding the glitter and adding the paint until I was happy.

Once I was happy with the color I, I rolled it out a bit and then ran it through the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® on the number 1 setting, which is the widest one.  Then I continued running it through the following sizes until the number 4. The sheet looks like this at this point. 

I placed the rolled clay on some baking paper and started cutting out the stars. 

The glitter tends to give it a bit more work to take apart, as the cutters only cut the Makin's Clay® but not the glitter, simply lift the stars carefully from the left over rolled clay.

Once all the stars are ready on the baking paper I use another sheet of baking paper to cover up,
and put a really heavy book on top, to make sure that they stay flat while drying. I let them dry over night before proceeding.

The next morning I did doodled on some of my stars with a gold Pen.

Don't worry if you make a mistake or are not happy with your design, just keep a wet wipe ready and you can easily remove the gold, while it is still wet.

My last step was to add some holes with a simple hole punch, I have one with rather smaller holes.

Now I have a bunch of embellishment, which I can use for cards, or on parcels as name tag, some I going hang in the tree and others are going go on my table, together with other elements for a festive holiday table.

I wish you all Happy Holidays.
- Bea

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