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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rock Fairy House

Rock the House by Patricia Krauchune
I just love little cottages and stone houses. This rock house was made from a rock I found maybe 20 to 25 years ago and was just sitting in my cellar collecting dust. I saw two little elves in my courtyard one day...they were homeless! So here is their new digs! Rock on boys. 

Supply List: 

Makin's Clay® Black                    Small Pins                                    Krazy® Glue
Black Gesso                                  Oval Cutter                                   Beacons™ Tacky Glue
Rock:  size and shape you like     Glass Button                                 Golden Gloss Polymer Varnish
Glove with texture                        Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Wax    Delta Creamcoat® Yellow Paint
2  Gears                                         Screw                                           Art C® Wax:  Copper/Gold/Silver

Recommended Makin's® Tools: 

Makin's® Push Mold - Leaves              Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®


I painted a rock I have had for years with Black Gesso.  Set aside to dry.

Roll out some Black Makin's Clay® on the #3 setting of the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®.  Completely cover the rock with the black clay.  I had a garden glove with great texture so I cut off a finger of the glove and used it to texture the entire surface.

Let it dry overnight. 

Using the "Leaves" Makin's® Push Mold, I made 8 leaves to use for shingles on my rock house.  When dry, I colored each leaf with Cosmic Shimmer Chic Moss Gilding Wax. Put these aside to dry. 

With some black clay rolled out on the #1 setting of the clay machine, cut 2 circles a tad larger than the gears you will be using. I secured the gears to the clay circles with some small pins then attached the "windows" to each side of the rock house. A smear of Beacons™ Tacky Glue will help with adhesion. 

Using an oval cutter, cut out a "door" for the rock house.  I scored some vertical lines on the door to give the illusion of planks. 

Next I used Krazy® Glue to attach a glass button for a window and a small screw was glued on for a door knob. 

Attach the door to the front of the rock house with Beacons™ Tacky Glue. 

At this point, I attached the leaves, using Krazy® Glue, in a pattern that pleased me. I cut some of the leaves to fill in gaps. 

The spaces in the gears were painted with yellow paint.  Then use the Gilding Wax colors that you like to finish the rock surface.

Here's your finished rock house!  See, you can Rock the House with Makin's Clay®!

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