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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Clay Connection 2018

Design Team Member Patricia Krauchune recently served as a Makin's Clay® Ambassador while attending the Clay Connection 2018 event in New London, CT.   Pat brought Makin's® tote bags with product samples and a discount coupon for every attendee, plus a Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® and Drill Adapter, and Makin's Professional® Professional Tool Set which were donated as raffle prizes. (One lucky winner is shown above!)  Pat tells us that as she visited the work stations of several attendees she indeed noticed several were using Makin's® tools!  Pat was able to talk with many attendees and discussed the many creative options of using Makin's Clay® while sharing samples of projects from our blog.  She took some great photos (and even took a brief video at the event which we will share if we can overcome our technical difficulties....)!  Can you spy the Makin's® products in some of these photos of the event?   It looks like a great event with many creative people in attendance.  Thank you Pat for doing a wonderful job serving as a Makin's Clay® Ambassador at this event!

In the above photos, we spy Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machines®, one with a Motor, Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruders®, and what appears to be a Makin's Professional® Professional Tool kit!  

Congratulations to Pat for winning two blue ribbons for her amazing Bottles of Hope!  Bottles of Hope originator Diane Asti Gregoire also attended the event! 


These are just a few more glimpses of the event. 

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