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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Magnets with Napkin Collage

Magnets with Napkin Collage by Bea Grob

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick and fun project for you.  Create easy DIY magnets with Makin's Clay®, small round magnets and some napkins, Glossy Accent, ok I also used some Micapowders and rhinstones but that would be optional.


Makin's Clay® in black and white or natural, how much depends on how many you want to make.
Napkins with small patterns
Mica powder in matching colors
Glossy accent
Round magnets mine are about 8mm (again depending on how many magnets you want to make)
Makin's® Clay Roller and/or Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®
Makin's® Clay Cutters, square Set Nr.  36002  
A spray bottle with plain water
A piece of plastic wrapping or household wrap


I started by rolling some black and white clay on the #2  setting of my Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®.  You could also use the clay roller to roll out an even sheet. 

Then I cut some squares in black with medium size cutter from the set in black. If you use some plastic wrap you get a nice beveled edge, but again that is optional.  Next, I cut out with the smallest square from the set the white parts. This time I didn't care about a beveled edge, as it is going to be covered up anyway. 

Next, I prepared little piece of napkin, make sure that you use only the top part, the printed part of the napkin. Before I lay the pieces down onto to the white clay, I make sure that I have sprayed them and then slightly, I only want the clay damp, not  puddles of water. Just lay the napkin pieces on the clay, avoiding wrinkles. Make the pieces a little bigger then the square, we going to deal with the
extended pieces later.

Let it sit for about 2 minutes and then lift it up and wrap around the overhang. If there is too much at the corners I simply cut away a bit.

Turn the black pieces over (if you have the beveled edge) and put your magnet somewhat in the middle. I then use the back of a pencil to push it slightly down, just be careful not to push it through the Makin's Clay®. 

Turn it over and dampen again the surface of the black square before you add your napkin covered square to the  black clay. I use an acrylic block to give a slightly even pressure.

Next, I added some mica powder to the black clay and also in some pieces of the napkin.

I also added some rhinestones. To make sure that they don't shift in the next step I did add some glue to the back before I place them.

Our last step is to add some Glossy Accents, we have to seal the napkin. You can add it only to the napkin, but you can also cover the whole pieces or just part of the black, what ever you like.

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