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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Classic Black & Red Necklace


Makin's Clay® in Black and Red
Makin's® Texture Sheet Set B - Screen
Makin's Professional®
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Ultimate Clay Extruder® SKU 35055

A mold for the pendant (there are several different forms on the market for you to try)
Choker necklace
Matching beads


Prepare some clay for the base of the pendant. I like to use up scraps, as we going to cover it anyway. Set it aside in a ziplock bag.

Next roll some red clay through the thickest setting of your Makin's Professional® - Ultimate Clay Machine®. To give some structure to the clay I used the screen texture sheet.   Make sure to have it bigger then your form.
Next, I wrapped my pendant on the front with the structured sheet and set it aside in the ziplock bag again.
For the next step I used the Ultimate Clay Extruder®  with black clay.  I filled up the whole extruder, which is enough for that size of pendant. Better too much then not enough. I used the disk with one round hole approx. 3 mm. As you can see I extruded onto to a moist towelette, just to keep it damp.

I had about 4 feet 9 inches of extruded clay. Next, I separated them in 2 strands, which I arranged side by side as you can see on the picture. Make sure that you have two different strands which you are going to twist together. I have added a little drawing you need a black and a red one (not for the actual Makin's Clay®, just to distinguish the two strings)

Next, I twisted the two strands at the bottom together and then the two at the top. Make sure that you twist each pair of strands in the opposite direction to get the knitted lock.

I moistened them lightly with a wet towel before I pressed them together to form a “knitted row”.

I cut pieces accordingly to place onto the pendant.
I made another sheet on the thickest setting in red and placed the pendant onto this sheet and trimmed around.

Don't forget to make some holes for the choker.

The last step is to enhance the structure with some mica powders, I  used the platinum for the black and some red and platinum for the red part.

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