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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Penguin

Happy Penguin by Carole Monahan 
Just in time for our 1st snow of the season!  This happy penguin is fun and easy to make.


Makin's Clay® - black and white and a tiny bit of yellow
An egg shape hollow form    
Beacon’s Tacky Glue


Makin's Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®
  • Professional Clay Tools 

Large round cookie cutter and large heart cutter


Roll out about 2 oz of black clay with the Ultimate Clay Machine® starting on setting #1, then progressing to #2, and ending on setting #3 - you will need enough enough to cover the egg.

Lightly cover egg with tacky glue. Trim the edges and cover the egg with the black clay and use your sculpting tool with the large ball tip to smooth any edges.

Roll out the white clay about 1 oz to setting 3. Then cut out a heart shape to make the face.
Use the large round cutter from the trio cutter set for the base.

Cut out a pie shape piece with your flay blade from the pro sculpt kit (have I mentioned THIS is my favorite tool set!?)

Attach the notched out disc to the bottom and the heart shape onto the front.


Use the large ball tool to make eye sockets. Roll out 2 small black balls of clay for the eyes.
I added a little tiny bit of white to accent the eyes.


Roll out a small amount of yellow clay.  Roll out one end to come to a point.  Cut the tip off using your flat cutter.

Attach the beak and don’t forget to add his little nose holes so he can breathe.

Don’t forget to give him wings! They fly in the water so they do need them! 

 However you celebrate the holidays make it warm wonderful and hand made with love!

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