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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Spooky Skull Bottle

Today I share with you how I make my creepy bottles. 


Makin's Clay® - Black, Red 
  • Texture Sheet Set C 
  • Clay Tools
Glass bottle
White glue 
Skulls push mold 
Embossing powders 
Cheese cloth
Heat tool 

I used a real glass bottle from my stash and applied first a layer of white glue roughly to the areas I
wanted to add the embellishments. I dried it with a heat gun, but you could allow it to air dry.

Place a ball of black clay approximately 2" onto desired texture sheet. Roll to a little less than 1/4".  Remove clay from texture sheet. When you lift it up you get that cool pattern on the sheet.

I placed the sheet onto the bottle  and formed it a bit around the neck.

For the skulls used a mold. I simply filled the mould with Makin's Clay®, sometimes I filled it up to the rim, sometimes not, I was not looking for perfectly formed skulls. I applied the skulls to the bottle randomly, layering in some areas. 

I also made a heart with some red clay and a tiny bit of black.  I mixed it up until it was a more or less 
uniform color and then I formed a triangular shape. I cut it to form it into a heart shape.

Next I added it to the black sheet, by simply adding with the fingers a little bit water to the backside of the Heart.

I had some cheesecloth in my stash in the perfect colors so I pressed them in the still wet clay. (If you need  to make a break, just spray some water onto the clay and cover it with some plastic)

Later I have also added some chain also by simply pressing it into the clay.

So next I wanted to add some embossing powders. The clay was already a little bit dry, so I sprayed some water. This will help the embossing powder to stick to the clay. If you have sprayed a little bit to much, just let it dry again a bit.

On the next picture you can see how I have sprinkled different embossing powders. For the skulls I have used some beige ones and for the hearts some red and copper. I didn't cover everything only in certain spots and then I heat embossed it with a heat gun. Make sure that you don't get to close or the clay will bubble up, just be patient and move around.

The last step was highlighting with some greenish wax. The clay wasn't completely dry yet, but had a sort of a skin also from heating the embossing powder. It did try out perfectly well the next few days.

Now have fun and create your own spooky bottles...

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