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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Steampunk Bug Pendant

Steampunk Bug Pendant by Patricia Krauchune

For my July Makin's Clay® project, I wanted to make something from recycled or found objects. The "stinger" on my bug is an old brass screw I found at Ft. Devens after they had demolished some old army barracks. The circular screen is from one of my asthma inhalers. I also have pieces of old phones and other electronics I took apart to use in my art. 

Supply List:

Makin's Clay® - Black             1 Small Screw               Folkart® Color Shift™ Green Flash Paint
1 Large Gear                             Thin Copper Wire         Dazzling Metallics Shimmering Silver & Gold        
3 Small Gears                           18g Copper Wire           Artist's Loft™ Burnt Umber Oil Paint 
Old Brass Screw                       Metal Coil                     Martha Stewart Copper Paint 
Small Piece of Chain                Small Dial Gauge          4 Small Brass Pins
Mini Eye Screw                        Krazy® Glue                 2 Glass Head Pins 
Circular Piece of Screen

Recommended Makin's® Tools:

Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat


Bend the large flat gear into an "open" V shape. Using Makin's Clay® in Black, form the bug's body around the gear "wings". 

I made a small slice into the tail end and inserted the brass screw to make the stinger. A rubber finger tip was used to add some texture to the body. The eye screw was glued into place using Krazy® Glue. Next two small gears were used to form the eyes and the glass head pins were glued in the gears with the Krazy® Glue. 

The chain was added at the neck, and the small metal coil was glued just below the chain. Then under the coil I glued the dial gauge. Finally the last piece to be added to the front is another small gear with a small screw to hold it in place. On the back side, glue the small screen circle and use 4 brass pins to hold it in place. I also added a circle of clay with a screw impression on the back side to cover the chain ends. I painted a small section near the stinger with Green Flash paint. 

When the Green Flash paint is dry, use the thin copper wire and wrap it around the painted tail. Using the paints I listed above, I painted the rest of my bug steampunk colors that pleased me. 

After my bug was painted I decided to add antennae for a more bug like look. The bug, who I named "Tommy", was antiqued with Burnt Umber oil paint. Brush on, wipe off with paper towels. It gives him a cool old look. 

So hunt around for old pieces of metal or parts from old appliances and have a blast but remember, Don't Bug Me! 
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