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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mini Book Pendant by Patricia Krauchune

Mini Book Pendant
Designed by Patricia Krauchune

I love "Makin®" small books, especially ones you can wear! Follow along and I will show you how easy it can be using Makin's Clay®

Supply List:

Makin's Clay® Blue and Red 
Craft knife
Waxed dental floss

Small piece of chain 
Card stock

Recommended Makin’s® Tools:

Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® 
Krylon 18kt Gold Leafing Pen 

Soft leather
Key charm
 Tacky Glue
Makin's® Clay Mixing Ruler™
Makin's® cutting mat
Keyhole escutcheon

Jump rings
E 6000®
Tyvek mailing envelope 

Bone folder


Push a small piece of blue clay into hole "E" and red clay into hole "G" in the Makin's® Clay Mixing Ruler™. Remove clay and mix until uniform in color. Do this two times. Run the mixed pieces of clay on the #1 setting of the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®. Set aside to dry overnight. 

Make a template from chipboard measuring 1 1/2" x 1" and cut covers from clay using your craft knife. 

This is what your covers should look like. Make another template from chipboard a little smaller than both covers placed side by side. Using your template, cut 12 pages:  (folios) from a Tyvek mailing envelope. Fold the folios in half and crease with a bone folder. 

Clip the 12 folios together. Make a template from cardstock the size of a folio. Use an awl to pierce three holes in the template's center crease, one hole in the middle, and a hole in the top and bottom a little away from the edge.

Clip the template to the stack of folios and using the awl pierce the folios in the holes you made in the template. See the diagram at the bottom to stitch together, with waxed dental floss, the 12 folios. You now have what is called a signature.

Using the Krylon 18kt Gold Leafing Pen gild the edges of the covers.

When the gold leafing is dry, glue the signature to the book covers using Beacon's™ Tacky Glue. Cut  a small piece of soft leather to become the book's spine. Attach an eyelet to the top middle of the leather.
I gilded the edges of the leather with the gold leafing. Put a jump ring through the eyelet and attachthesmallpieceofchain. UseE6000 to glue the leather to the covers. At this point I attached a small key charm to the chain and glued a keyhole escutcheon to the cover with E6000. Your book pendant is now ready to wear! 


Donna said...

Pat this is super awesome! I love it!!!

Steph Ackerman said...

Wow, this is amazing!

Cindi Bisson McGee said...

There is something magical about this - and thank you for including the instructions for the pamphlet stitch too!

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